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Zareba Touchpoint 4

This product is now obsolete. Please click hereto see the current Zareba range.

The Touchpoint 4 controller provides protection of personnel and plant from flammable, toxic and oxygen gas hazards when used with up to four Sensepoint gas detectors. Self-contained, fully user configurable and wall mounted, a Touchpoint 4 gas detection system can monitor gas hazards in a large area or several discrete locations from a convenient central site.

Touchpoint 4 may be driven from AC and/or DC supplies and comprises a common display module with up to four individual channel modules. It is suitable for stand-alone operation or as part of a larger distributed control system via an integral RS485 interface. The common module, with backlit display, details the overall system status and includes common alarm relays, remote reset push button input and dedicated drives for up to three field mounted audible and visual alarms. A panel mounted audible and visual alarm is also included.

Input modules are available for use with 4-20mA and mV type gas detectors.

Each channel includes a backlit display detailing gas type, measuring range, actual gas reading in both numeric and bar graph format as well as alarm status. Two user programmable alarm relays and a repeated 4-20mA signal proportional to the gas level monitored are included per channel.

The system is fully user programmable via the ultra-clear backlit displays and intuitive menu system. For example, relays may be configured as 'non-latching' (default is 'latching') so that outputs clear automatically on remote unmanned sites. Buttons used for configuration are hidden behind access panels to prevent tampering. A single button is available to all users on the front of the modules to perform a simple self-test or to reset alarms when needed.

The shallow profile is designed for easy location in corridors or reception areas where some larger controllers may be obtrusive.

A wall mounting bracket is included to which the controller is attached to simplify installation.

All cable entries are made using pre-formed knockouts at the bottom of the enclosure. The hinged front cover latches open to enable full and unhindered access to the terminal compartment for installers.

Event history is recorded as standard on all Touchpoint systems. Times and dates of alarms and power interruptions can be reviewed via the display to provide useful diagnostic information for service engineers and plant operators.

The Touchpoint 4 gas detection system provides comprehensive control of all your gas detection needs.

Data Sheet

User Friendly

  Self-contained, wall mounted enclosure
  Ultra-clear backlit display
  Intuitive, icon driven, menu system
  Simple push button operation

Easy to Install

  Unobtrusive slimline profile
  Mounting bracket included
  Easy access to all terminals
  Pre-formed knockouts for cable entry

Flexible Operation

  Fully user programmable for scale, units and calibration
  Fully configurable relays
  Compatible with all Zareba gas detectors

Common Module

  System status indication
  Built-in audiovisual alarms
  AC and/or DC power distribution
  Common gas and fault alarm relays
  Dedicated drive for up to three remote audible and visual alarms
  Input for remote reset push button
  RS485 interface

Input Modules

  Accepts up to four channels
  mA and mV inputs for wide range of gas detectors
  Individual channel display
  Gas, range, reading and alarm status
  Two user programmable alarm relays
  Isolated 4-20mA output

Part Numbers

4 Channel Systems

TPWM4440 4 x mA input, 0 x mV input
TPWM4431 3 x mA input, 1 x mV input
TPWM4422 2 x mA input, 2 x mV input
TPWM4413 1 x mA input, 3 x mV input
TPWM4404 0 x mA input, 4 x mV input

3 Channel Systems

TPWM4330 3 x mA input, 0 x mV input
TPWM4321 2 x mA input, 1 x mV input
TPWM4312 1 x mA input, 2 x mV input
TPWM4303 0 x mA input, 3 x mV input

2 Channel Systems

TPWM4220 2 x mA input, 0 x mV input
TPWM4211 1 x mA input, 1 x mV input
TPWM4202 0 x mA input, 2 x mV input

1 Channel Systems

TPWM4110 1 x mA input, 0 x mV input
TPWM4101 0 x mA input, 1 x mV input


TP4MAEK mA expansion kit inc. mA input module, display module, IDC lead, interconnect cable and fixings
TP4MVEK mV expansion kit inc. mV input module, display module, IDC lead, interconnect cable and fixings


TP4MAN Instruction manual
TP4WMB Wall mounting bracket
TP4CMIM Replacement input module for common module
TP4CMDM Replacement display module for common module
TP4MVIM Replacement mV input module
TP4MAIM Replacement mA input module
TP4MVDM Replacement mV display module
TP4MADM Replacement mA display module
TP4IDC IDC lead (display to input module)
TP4INT Interconnect cable (input module to input module)
TP4BP Blanking Panel
SPppmTS Terminal screw and 'U' clamp (bag of 20)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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