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Bowthorpe Surge Counters - Type SC12 & SC13

The Bowthorpe EMP range of Surge Arrester monitoring instruments are fully tested for use with any manufacturers surge arrester.

The SC12 is a Surge Counter only, whilst the SC13 provides the additional measurement of total leakage current. The analogue instrument provides a means of monitoring the current through the arrester and the leakage current over the surface of the arrester housing. Significant changes after installation may indicate a deterioration in the arrester or a build up of surface contamination.

These instruments, which require no auxiliary supply, are designed for installation in the earth connections of a single surge arrester or alternatively the SC12 may be used with the common earth of a three phase set.

Fully weatherproofed and sealed for life they are housed in a one piece gravity die cast aluminium case coated to enhance its already high degree of resistance to surface corrosion.

The glass viewing window is sealed in place, using a silicon rubber adhesive, and a desiccator is enclosed to ensure any residual moisture trapped during sealing is absorbed for the service life of the counter.

Mounting is effected by means of an integrally cast lug at the rear of the case providing a single clearance hole for the galvanised steel M12 bolt supplied.

The SC12 and SC13 are service proven and require no special maintenance or servicing apart from general cleaning of the glass viewing window and the moulded epoxy resin line terminal bushing.

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