Day Impex Dry Ice Maker

Day Impex Dry Ice Maker

The 'DILVAC' Portable Dry-Ice maker is the fastest way of providing a block of Dry-Ice to your lab. It is compact and lightweight, requires no electric power and is safe and simple to use. Most importantly, it is always there in the lab to give you immediate access to Dry-Ice when you need it. The economy of having your Dry-Ice 'on tap' can provide considerable financial savings over a relatively short period as the cost of having Dry-Ice delivered to your lab can be prohibitive. The 'DILVAC' Portable Dry-Ice maker produces a block of approx. 1 Kg in weight in not much over 1 minute, and all you have to do is connect the unit to a cylinder of CO2, and turn on the tap.

  • Connect unit to Liquid CO2 cylinder and turn on.
  • Monitor flow of liquid by means of pressure gauge provided.
  • When block is made, turn off gas on cylinder; unclip lid and sides of unit.
  • Remove block. Gloves must be worn.
  • Replace sides and lid of unit to instantly make another block if required

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Day Impex

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.


Dimensions of block - 80mm x 110mm x 180mm
Dimensions of box - 160mm x 160mm x 225mm
Weight of block - 1Kg +/- 10%
Yield from 34Kg Cylinder - 5 - 6 blocks*

*A 34Kg cylinder at room temperature will contain approx. 30Kg's of useable liquid CO2, the balance is vapour, which does not convert to solid dry-ice. Yield can be appreciably increased at lower ambient temperatures, i.e. at 5 degC approx. 1/3 more blocks may be produced.

The 'DILVAC' Portable Dry-ice maker works on the principle of Adiabatic expansion (the Joule-Thompson effect). The liquid CO2 in the cylinder is at a pressure greater than 60 Kg/cm2, so when it is released into the unit, which is at atmospheric pressure, the liquid CO2 vaporises and expands. As a result of this expansion, the liquid changes to snow and is compacted into a block within the unit. The block measures 80mm x 110mm x 180mm and weighs approx. 1 Kg.


Hospitals, Research Labs., Tissue Preservation, Food preservation, Specimen transportation, Recreational purposes.

WARNING: Gaseous CO2 vapours can cause suffocation, so use the unit only in well ventilated areas. Also, use the unit only on a level supporting surface. Never allow the unit to hang from the feed hose.


Remember, it is very cold -80 degC.