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Electrocorder EC-2V Two Channel Voltage Logger

  Two Phase 300Vac, 2 channels, Live to Neutral & Earth/Ground to Neutral
  Constant Sampling technique; misses very little data
  Complete with Electrosoft energy analysis software
  Available as IP65/NEMA 12/4

The Electrocorder range is designed to allow electrical distribution companies to cost effectively monitor their customers' supply, the Electrocorder enables real voltage problems to be highlighted quickly for further investigation using traditional recorders.

Setting up the Electrocorder is easy, suitable for non-technical staff. Using the supplied Windows software, Electrosoft; the customer's name and address are input to the unit's memory and stored.

The Electrocorder is designed such that it may be mailed to the customer in the reusable mailing case. Electrosoft will also print the necessary dispatch / return documentation including customer instructions. All data is included in a database of dispatches and returns.

Why is the Electrocorder better than other similarly priced competitors? The Electrocorder range use a constant sampling technique, unlike the single reading of competitors. When the loggers start to record, they sample every channel 16 times per cycle, a cycle is 16ms at 60Hz and 20ms t 50Hz. At the end of each averaging period, 3 quantities are saved for each channel, the True RMS average, the Max, which is the highest cycle value during the period and the Min, lowest cycle value. This means that it will record all the peaks and troughs which are one cycle or longer.

The Electrocorder conforms to the European recording standard EN50160: 1994 - "Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public distribution systems."

When recording the Electrocorder will store the average voltage over the period chosen (1 sec to 60 min), it will also record the highest (max) & lowest (min) cycle values during that period.


Electrocorder Range Presentation

The EC-2V can record two channels - Live (Hot) to Neutral and Neutral to Earth (Ground). Allowing better diagnosis of poor or lost neutral connections.

The voltage levels are stored with dates and times. With the back up battery, the EC-2V can record for up to 8 months during power cuts. When the unit has been returned to the power company, the stored data is uploaded to a PC via the supplied RS-232 cable. Using Electrosoft, the recorded voltage levels, dates & times can be viewed in both tabular and graphical form, exported to a spreadsheet or saved to file.

Graphs can be printed showing the recorded levels and the allowable tolerance bands. These results may then be discussed with the customer. Electrosoft also provides an internal database.


  React to domestic voltage complaints within 24 hours - maximum service!
  Mail or deliver it to your customer and free-up engineering time.
  Store Electrocorders in your field engineer's vehicles, radio through complaints for instant delivery.
  Database in software ensures effective management of distributed units.
  Kit includes Logger, Carry Case, Electrosoft, & Serial Lead.
  Records up to 226 days of average voltage, max & min with date & time.
  Miniature logger enables real voltage problems to be high lighted quickly for further investigation.
  Free-up expensive inventory which would otherwise be used for domestic complaints.

Part numbers in this range include EC-2V-60-NA-IP65-KIT, EC-2V-50-UK-IP65-KIT, EC-2V-50-EU-IP65-KIT, EC-2V-50-AZ-IP65-KIT, EC-2V-50-SA-IP65-KIT, EC-2V-50-IP65-KIT & EC-2V-60-IP65-KIT.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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