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Black Body Calibrator 3800

3800 black body heat source calibrator

  For checking infrared thermometer accuracy
  Wide temperature range 50 to 500°C
  Easy to read LED display

The 3800 infrared calibrator is excellent for checking the calibration of infrared digital thermometers that require regular calibration checks or validation.

Simply set the verification temperature on the digital display of the 3800 black body calibrator, allow time to stablilize and then point your infrared thermometer at the Ø57mm black body. Compare the temperature readings on the 3800 display and the infrared thermometer under test, the difference is the error

The 3800 black body calibrator infrared heat source features an easy to read LED display. The infrared calibrator controls the black body temperature over the range of 50 to 500°C with an accuracy of better than 0.5°C at 100°C. Heating time, ambient to 100°C is just 10 minutes.

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