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Eurotron EcoLine 4000 Handheld Industrial Combustion & Emission Analyser

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Rasi 700.

Portable and Rugged Multifunction Unit for Industrial Service & Maintenance

The NEW handheld EcoLine 4000 provides the latest tecnology in flue gas analysis. One instruments with many features:

  Up to 4 gas sensors;
  CO sensor with manual or automatic protection;
  Built-in impact printer;
  Water, air, surface temperature measurements;
  Searching for presence and location of gas leaks;
  Differential pressure input for draft and gas velocity measurements;
  Operator safety with ambient CO continuous monitoring;
  Ambient temperature and relative humidity measurements.

Easy replaceable gas sensors EcoLine 4000 uses long life, low maintenance sensors. Alarm levels with audible buzzer on gases measurement.

CO sensor protection - An automatic device can exlude the CO sensor in presence of high Carbon Monoxide level.

Standard Report of Calibration - Every instruments are factory calibrated and certified against Eurotron Standard to ensure traceability, and shipped with a Report of Calibration.

Rechargeable battery operations - Ni-MH rechargeable batteries provide longer field use. Flue gas analyser and internal printer are powered by the same internal batteries.

Keyboard & Display - Text, menu, and keyboard available in most common languages (not icons) for simple and intuitive operations. Engineering units are selectable by keyboard. The large backlight graphic LCD can display 3, 6 or 12 values per page (ZOOM function) or with bargraph format.

Multi Fuel selection - EcoLine 4000 provides up to 10 fuels for calculating combustion values. Most used fuels for your country are pre-loaded from factory. Others fuels can be added using GasConfig PC software.

Built-in impact printer - The EcoLine 4000 can include an internal printer. It uses a low cost common roll of paper. Certainly more readable, long time and heat resistant than the thermal printout on chemical paper.

Smoke index - Smoke index measurement is performed by using the optional external hand pump. The results can be stored in the internal memory and printed on the report.

Gas sampling probe - Flue gas sampling probes, with different lengths and shapes, are available to match each specific requirement. The sampling probe is connected to the instrument with a single or dual hose through a water trap and a suspended particle line filter.

Proprietary design trap - Patent pending to inhibit water into the instrument. External, to prevent risk of instrument damage. Large water tank capacity for condensation boiler. Small rubber cup for easy water purge. Long life paper filter.

Data Sheet

Combustion air temperature probe - A remote Pt100 probe is available for remote combustion air temperature measurement. This probe is strongly recommended mainly in forced air boiler to obtain an accurate efficiency measurement.

CO ambient monitoring - An external optional probe is available for continuous surveillance of the ambient and operator safety. Both acoustic and visual alarm are available.

Gas leak sniffer - An external probe is available to locate the position of a gas leak. This probe has a flexible stainless steel shaft to reach difficult locations.

T+RH ambient monitoring - An external probe is available for temperature and relative humidity of the ambient for comfort index computation.

Ionization flame tester - Checks the ionization current in flame control sensor.

Gas velocity - Measure the gas speed using one Pitot tube connected to the differential pressure ports. Different tube lenghts are available for different stack diameters. EcoLine 4000 calculate the gas velocity cosidering the gas density parameter.

Industrial probe & compact cooler unit - A special sampling probe is available for industrial high temperature applications. This probe can be used connected to an external gas conditioning unit (see related bulletins). This compact unit cool the gas sample to dry it. The cooler unit is strongly recommended for SO2 and NO2 long terms measurements.

Flash memory - The flash memory allows the instrument to be configured by updating the EcoLine firmware for any future legislation requirement or product performance upgrading.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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