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Eurotron GreenLine 8000 & EcoLine 6000 Portable Industrial Combustion & Emissions Analysers

The Most Powerful and Advanced Instruments with Built-In Gas Cooler and Heater for Sampling Hose & Probe

  Up to 9 Sensors (Temperature Compensated)
  Long Term Monitoring with Automatic Water Condensation Drain
  Electronic Flow-Meter
  Aux 4-20mA Inputs
  Graphic Display with Menu
  Easy Maintenance
  9000 Full Analysis Memory, RS232, & Windows Software
  Remote Control Unit with Built-In Printer
  CO, CO and C H Built-In NDIR Sensors
  Full Compliance to EPA Protocol
  Built-In Peltier Gas Cooler

Eurotron portable flue gas analaysers EcoLine 6000 & GreenLine 8000 represent the most powerful and advanced instruments on the market.

The two units are designed using the new concept of split architecture. The gas analyser consists of two sections: the gas analysis Main Control Unit (MCU) and the Remote Control Unit (RCU). The communication between the two sections use the industrial standard RS422.

The MCU is a true, portable, complete flue gas laboratory. The unit includes: aspiration pump, filters, condensation drain with peristaltic pump, gas sensors and the electronics. It can be positioned near the stack sampling point and it can set and work also as an independent instrument (black-box).

The GreenLine 8000 model (only) additional includes: an internal Peltier gas cooler, NDIR sensors, and heated industrial gas probe connection capability. The operator can easily survey the overall operation at a distance from the unit using either the Remote Control Unit or Laptop or PC.

The RCU is used to display the measured data, store the analysis in the unit's memory, printout any data, and to transfer data to your PC.

Data Sheet

The "Clean Air Act", originated in the USA in 1970. It was the first federal law that regulates air emissions from certain areas, either by stationary or mobile sources. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and other Federal or State Agencies verify affordable and reasonable methods of achieving environmental compliance under the set emissions limits.

A number of "Protocols" have been created to verify industrial emissions using portable gas analysers to ensure air quality compliance. These "Protocols" are the set guidelines that prescribe the technical performances of the electrochemical sensor-based analysers to be used, as well as calibration and testing procedures which should be followed to completely assure correct emissions data.

The instrument shows technical specifications and performance in compliance with the necessary protocols and therefore can be used in periodic testing in many different countries, states and regions. The Eurotron's analysers are designed to meet the specific requirements, mainly related to gas sample conditioning, flow, and temperature control.

Other operative modes allow the user to test, view, store, and print draft measurement, differential pressure, data logging, various other performance tests, and PC interface.

The built-in impact-type printer uses common, inexpensive, nonthermal, standard paper rolls. This allows the user to generate a full, comprehensive, & LONG LASTING data report.

The internal memory can store up to 9000 COMPLETE analysis data points (1000 data points on the EcoLine 6000).

The digital interface (RS232) allows for communication between the instrument and your Laptop or PC, for instrument configurations, data transferring, and data logging.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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