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Eurotron MiniRay Infrared Thermometer

Smart infrared thermometers with USB interface and high precision optics.

  Precision optics for accurate noncontact temperature measurement
  Temperature ranges from -32 up to 760°C
  Fast 0.3 second scanning of cold and hot spots
  Exact measurement of objects as small as 13 mm in any distance less than 140 mm
  Optical resolutions up to 40:1
  Laser sighting with narrow beam aiming for accurate readings
  Adjustable acoustic HIGH-/LOW-alarm with changing backlight colors
  USB interface, thermocouple input type K, Connect Report Software
  Extremely lightweight

Wide temperature ranges of -32 to 760°C, laser aiming and optical resolutions of up to 40:1 allow technicians to carry out accurate noncontact surface measurements for electrical and mechanical maintenance, HVAC checks, automotive testing and other applications, anywhere that temperature is a factor.

The MiniRay thermometers enable you to measure objects as small as 13 mm. Just spot the object, press the trigger and the infrared thermometers will show the temperature in an instant. Functions like MAX and MIN temperature results are shown in the display right away.

MiniRay Plus: OFFSET and HOLD make measurements smart. Object emissivities can be adjusted even after the measurement was taken.

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  Mechanical maintenance - Observe temperatures of motors and drives, bearings and valves. Gather temperature data of heating and ventilation components. Check furnace performance and steam distribution systems.

  Electrical maintenance - Infrared thermometers are proven time saving tools for predictive maintenance of electrical systems. Check out temperature problems safely with connectors, fuses, electric motors, motor windings, insulations, electrical wiring and electrical cabinets before damages occur.

  Automotive testing - Check temperatures of engines and catalytic converters, scan ignition system problems, analyse cooling system restrictions, diagnose air conditioning systems, check tyres and brakes with uneven braking.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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