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Eurotron Rasi 400 Emission Analyser

Portable, light and slim 4 cells emission analyser

The Rasi 400 is a new generation of emission analysers especially developed and designed for the industrial market.

It's the smallest, lighter and slimmest analyser that can simultaneously install up to 4 electrochemical cells for measuring 02, CO, NO, N02 and SO2 gases.

It match the needs of operators in industrial locations such as power plants, gas engines, industrial and utility boilers.

A true Nox emission analyser

Simultaneous installation of 4 cells for 02, NO, NO2 and CO enable the analyser to measure and report the Total Nox (know as True NOx) and the Carbon Monoxide values at the same time without any assumption or change of cells while in the field.

Particularly indicated in applications such as gas engine tuning on landfield gases where NO2 concentrations can change dramatically.

Measurements to suit every industrial application

Just use a Rasi 400 for tuning your combustion process and you will immediately feel the differences that we deliver:

  Simultaneous display of up to 8 combustion parameters enable the operator to tune or setting a combustion process with-out the need to go trough annoying sub pages. You can configure your self the display in the way you want it.

  02 variable reference for emission reporting, calculation of all the combustion parameters, Emission levels can be reported in different units such as in ppm, or mg/m3 , mg/KWh to suits different application and reporting requirements.

  Additional function such as pressure, gas flow and dew point calculations expand the capabilities of your analyser

Easy to use

  Highly intuitive menu, with three bottom function key to navigate trough and select the desired function

  Up to 5 user defined measurement programme with the setting of parameters such us CO cut off limits and O2 reference value can be easily recalled with a push of a thumb.

Extensive data logging

  Save Paper. If you don't need to print, why don't you just save the measured data on the Rasi400 or even better just read your data in real time on a PC or PDA.

  File/data management and reporting is effortless with the ON-Line software package. Customer data can be exported/imported from a PC to the Rasi 400. Measurement data are then downloaded to a PC for post analysis.

Robust and protected

Like all our product the Rasi 400 is designed to reliably operate in industrial environment. Its special internal design protect the unit from measurement cells deterioration - it will not let you down on operation

  Newly designed external water trap and filters to prevent condensate to reach the measurement cells thus extending the life of measurement cells

  Additional 2nd purge pump, CO cut off limit to protect the CO cell from contamination especially during engine or boiler start up

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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