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Eurotron Rasi 700 Emission/Combustion Analyser

All this in the palm on your hand, a true 7 gases combustion/ emission analyser with CO2 % NDIR

RASI 700 is the smallest hand held emission/ combustion analyser capable to install up to 7 measurements cells simultaneously. It's has been designed and developed to meet increasing demand of combustion and emission analysis in hard to reach location such as stacks and industrial Flue. We have brought emission analysis to the palm of your hand.

Measurement Functions

  Standard configuration fitted with 02 cell
  additional 6 toxic cells can be installed at the same for measurement of CO, LowCo, NO, Low NO, N02, SO2, H2S, and CO2% using NDIR infrared technology
  Measure Temperature and differential Temperature
  Measure Pressure, draft and differential pressure
  Measure Flow Gas Velocity and total mass calculation
  Calculate all combustion parameters such as, C02%, Efficiencies readings, Lamba, Excess Air and CO/CO2 Ratio


  Well readable 6 lines 3.5" TFT colour display
  Integrated advanced water trap with re-usable special coated filter
  Universal charging trough mini-usb port
  Integrated data memory with up to 1000 site- Optional SD card to extended memory logging
  Real time data transfer to a PC or Laptop
  USB data transfer or optional Blue tooth communication
  Documenting features
  Highly Intuitive task driven menu with direct function keys
  Protective rubber sleeve with magnet
  Fast Infrared printer
  Emission reporting both in mg/m3 or mg/sec
  Special selected Low CO and Low NO cells for 0.1 ppm resolution
  Choice of 10 fuel type and any additional fuel user secable

Each RASI 700 is fitted as standard with an 02 measurement sensor - additional 5 electro chemical cells for HI CO, LowCO, NO, LowN0, NO2, S02 and H2S measurements and a C02%-IR bench can be installed simultaneously. There is no needs to swap sensors to measure different gases. The special selected and calibrated Low NO an Low CO read with resolution to 0.1 ppm. What is even more important, a combination of Low Range and high measurement range can be installed at the same time.

Pre calibrated sensors - To easy the service of the RASI700, a range of pre-calibrated measurement cells can be supplied- The user can then simply install the new measurement cell and loading the coefficients that are supplied along with them.

Instruments diagnostic - Advance diagnostic menu shows in real time the sensors status along with other important information of the unit.

CO2-IR Bench - An optional CO2%-IR bench using non dispersive infrared technology can be installed for direct measurement of CO2% in industrial combustion process- In application such industrial boilers, stack measurements or processes where CO2% is released by raw material( such lime stone, bricks etc) it is imperative to measure CO2% value directly. In such cases calculated value can not be accepted as results as it is not possible to relay on formulas due to continuous changes in the process condition.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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