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Eurotron Rasi 700 Bio Portable Biogas Analyser

  Measure O2, CO2,CH4 as standard
  Provide stable reading with-in seconds
  Optional H2S and CO measurement
  Measure Bio Gas Pressure up to 300 mbar
  Strong internal gas pump
  Intuitive task oriented menu
  Data logging, site management and data export to SD card

Perfect for measuring gas in landfill, biogas and water water treatment plants, Eurotron have developed the Rasi 700 Bio portable biogas analyser.

The Rasi 700 Bio can be set up to measure 02, CO2%, CH4%, H2S and additionally H2 and CO, in order to suit the requirements of the operators working in landfill applications.

The analyser also offers temperature and pressure readings ( differential, gauge and absolute) as standard, and optionally can measure gas flow by using Eurotron's unique 3 ways straight pitot tube which enable the user to sample and display gas velocity, gas quality and temperature at the same time.

The gas analyser is powered by high efficiency Li-ION rechargeable batteries which ensure a full day of operation with one single charge. Battery are charged trough standard USB port.

The biogas readings are presented on its large 3.5? TFT 6 lines colour display. Up to 4 instrument set up can be stored for recall and use.

The Eurotron Rasi 700 Bio is equipped as standard with an extensive data logging function and site administration facility with pre-load measurement points such as well ID's. Up to 16000 data can be stored in the analyser internal memory and exported to SD card for future analysis on a PC. No specific software is required.

The Rasi 700 Bio requires only one calibration per year.

The unit is supplied as standard with a light carrying case which contain USB charger lead, wall charger, in-car charger, tubing, manual and a 12 month valid calibration certificate.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

RASI700-BIO-02 Gas Analyser for 02, CO2, CH4
RASI700-BIO-03 Gas Analyser for 02, CO2, CH4 and dual H2S 0-5000 ppm & 0-50000 ppm
RASI700-SENS-01 Optional CO sensor, 0-10000 ppm
RASI700-SENS-16 Optional H2 sensor, 0-2000 ppm
RASI700-OPT-13 Gas Flow Velocity
RASI700-OPT-02 Bluetooth communication
RASI-PTUB-250-12S Straight Pitot Tube, 12�250 mm, for Flow/Gas/temperature measurement simultaneously
RASI-ACC-01 Pressure reducer for sampling BIOGAS on high pressure up to 200 mbar


  Integrated water trap with filter
  5 meter sampling hose with T connection for pressure measurement
  Li-ION rechargeable batteries
  USB wall charger and USB lead
  Soft case with space for accessories and analyser
  Instruction manual
  1 year valid calibration certificate

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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