W.J. Furse & Co Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of earthing and lightning protection systems, with a proven track record spanning over 100 years. Furse are experienced on a range of projects - from stock exchanges to schools, royal palaces to oil refineries and more.

Transient overvoltages are very short duration increases in voltage, between two or more conductors. Though short, the effects they can have on components and solid state circuitry of modern electronic systems can be devastating. They can cause data corruption, system disruption,component degradation, physical damage, unnecessary downtime and more.

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Most modern electronic systems are sensitive to the effects of transient overvoltages. Computers, telecommunications equipment, PBX, control and instrumentation systems, telemetry, programmable logic controllers and closed circuit TV systems. In fact any piece of equipment, incorporating sensitive electronic components is at risk - and this includes many uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). 

Transient overvoltages ('surges', 'spikes' etc) have two main causes, which are the secondary effects of lightning that impacts both mains power supplies and data, signal or communication lines, along with electrical switching events - primarily affecting mains power supplies.

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