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GEFA Ball Valves DG1

Optimized and economic solution for automation: the interface according to DIN 3337 - direct mounting of hand levers, gear operators and actuators.

The high-quality ball valves comply with the international industrial safety standards.

Function and Design

The GEFA-ball valve series DG 1 is a modern and reliable valve, which can be used for a variety of industrial applications with most different service conditions.

The ball valve is successfully used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in process engineering as well as in the food and beverage sector.

For temperatures ranging from -50 degC to +250 degC and working pressures up to 125 bar the DG 1 is a safe solution; the limit range of operation, however, always has to be determined in accordance with the actual operating parameters. Due to the completely free passage a high flow value is reached. In open position the medium flow is not at all blocked, thus the ball valve will not be contaminated by sediments or any accumulation of material.

For the installation of the ball valve into the pipe additional flanges are not required; all necessary components are already part of the ball valve! The valve is directly welded or screwed to the pipe. By means of body screws the center section is strongly connected with the flanges. The separately encapsulated body seals, separated from the seats, tighten the ball valve to the outside.

In case the ball valve has to be demounted (e.g. change of seats) only three body screws have to be removed. The fourth body screw remains unlocked in the fully centered guidance of the screws. After the ball has been placed in open position, the center section simply has to be turned out around the fourth body screw.

The maintenance of the ball valve is easy and can be executed within some minutes. Due to the spring effect of the seats the ball is pressed against the seats, resulting in a first lip seal. Thus the tightness in normal state (depressurized) is guaranteed and the ball valve has a relative low torque. In case of higher pressures the pressing of the ball against the downstream seat is in-creased.

The stem sealing is primarily effected by the internal stem ring and is prestressed by the external packing (V-rings), equipped with spring washer.

For a long period of time the stem remains absolutely maintenance-free.

The ball valve is especially prepared for automation. The interface to the actuators is acc. to DIN 3337. Thus the direct mounting of the actuators is possible - an additional adaptation is not necessary.


  Safe connection of all actuators to valve due to direct mounting Interface acc. to DIN 3337. No interruption of valve stem to actuator!

  Reliable stem sealing by V-rings, made of PTFE and equipped with spring washer.

  High frequency of operations by means of special primary sealing system.

  Precise mounting by fully centered guidance of screws; connection of the center section to the flanges in the correct position.

  Different connections (ends): butt weld end, short version/butt weld end, long version/screwed end / female thread/full bore / reduced bore.

  High degree of tightness in bore due to the special form of the seats. The prestress of the seats causes a spring effect, which results in a reliable sealing function in all pressure ranges.

  Materials: PTFE/Glass, R-PTFE, Delrin, PEEK, VESPEL.

  Safe sealing to the outside, guaranteed by fully encapsulated body seal.

  Stem in anti blow-out design; the ball surface is super-polished and absolute round.


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