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GEFA Butterfly Valves K Series

From applications involving acids to the highly sensitive foot sector, GEFA butterfly valves are optimally suitable for a wide range of applications for reliable sealing, control and regulation of process flows.

Technical Features

Elastically sealing butterfly valve KG9 / KG7

  Two-piece body

  GEFA-MULTITOP Automation system. Exchangeable flange for direct installation

Unsurpassed benefits for the user:


  Service friendliness

Service and Maintenance - Seat Change

The seat is the only wear item and can be changed in only a few minutes.

An unbeatable advantage in preventive maintenance and saving on costs and resources.

1) After loosening the two body screws only the bottom part of the body with the internal parts needs to be pulled down. The actuator remains assembled to the upper part of the body!
2) Simply pull the seat off the valve disc.
3) Pull the new seat on the valve disc - that's how simple it is!
4) Press the bottom part of the body with the internal parts tightly against the upper part and tighten both body screws. Job done!

This is how quickly the GEFA butterfly valve has been returned to new condition, so that it can be used for another number of years.

This saves money, because the disassembly and waste disposal of butterfly valves, which can sensibly not be repaired, is very expensive.


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