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GEFA High Performance Butterfly Valve Type HG

Since many years high performance butterfly valves have been part of our product range. Based on our wide experience in the use of high performance butterfly valves this NEW product was developed.

  Proven on/off and control valve - significantly optimized

  Optimized seat and sealing system

  Automation with all actuator systems without interrupting the valve shaft

Proven Technique

The double-eccentric principle makes closing reliable as possible and nearly free from wear. Due to the double displacement of the shaft the valve disc is raised up from its seat at the beginning of the opening move. The seat is then free from heavy pressure over the whole circumference, this means that 90�° turning is frictionless at even reduced torques. Due to these construction features an extremely high rate of operational functionality is achieved and maintained - also at a high frequency of operations.

The recommended flow direction (arrow on body) guarantees absolute tightness. The working pressure (differential pressure) of the medium also supports the function of sealing, pressing the seat against the sealing surface of the disc. The insert ring and the body protect the flexible seat with efficiency against negative flow conditions, even in case of flow and pressure changes the valve remains tight.

The seat is a functional part and very easy to reach and service, seat changing can be done on-site in a short space of time without the need of special tools.



  Standard mounting flange acc. to DIN 3337
  Direct mounting of actuator without interrupting the shaft
  Variable and exchangeable acc. to the size of the actuator

Long Service Life

  The insert ring of the body efficiently protects the seat from the direct medium flow and prevents wear such as erosion and abrasion when valve is installed in the recommended flow direction.


  The double-eccentric principle with spherical sealing surface at the disc allows operation of the valve with a minimum of wear. The highest level of tightness and lowest torques are guaranteed. The valve is designed for a minimum of 1 million cycles.


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