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GEFA Knife Gate Valves DOMINO

The knife gate valve system DOMINO is preferably used in the field of water treatment and process engineering. The valve is the right solution for media containing mud and fibers.

The knife gate valve seals pressure tight in both flow directions.

The user can choose among a variety of executions and actuators.


The design of the DOMINO knife gate valves fulfils the users�™ highest requirements.

The maintenance-free COMPACT cross seal (double seal lip profile) guarantees tight shutoff and can be adjusted without interrupting the working process.

The self-cleaning effect is achieved by flush-out corners in the body and the cutting edge underneath the gate. Solids and fibres are cut by the cutting edge before tightening is done against the elastic seat. The guidance of the gate is interrupted on stroke length, thus dirt can be ejected.

Bidirectional shutoff is achieved by the lateral gate surfaces and the elastic seat which is integrated in the body. The seat is chambered and prestressed mounted.

The high finish of the guide- and sealing surface at both sides guarantees long service and tight shutoff.

The lateral guidance of the gate prevents the gate from fluttering in either of the flow directions or in throttle positions.



  Body: Cast iron GG-25, EKB-coated (option GGG 40)
  Gate: 1.4301 (option 1.4571)
  Mounting parts: steel, EKB-coated or zinc coated
  Stem / piston: 1.4021 (option: 1.4571) rising or non rising


  Gear box
  Pneumatic cylinder
  Hydraulic cylinder
  Electric actuator

Special Executions

  Valve with regulation port
  Full bore
  Square valve


  Mechanical limit switches
  Proximity switches
  Solenoid valves
  Stem extensions and pillars


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