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Neotronics Impact IR Personal Multi-Gas Monitor

This product is now obsolete. Please contact us in order for us to recommend a replacement to suit your requirements.

The Neotronics Impact IR is an infrared sensor version of the monitor, incorporating all of the standardised Impact Pro features. However, this model includes a range of advanced infrared (IR) optical sensors. IR models are available to detect % LEL or % VOL Methane (as well as other Hydrocarbons) and also CO2 along with long-term stability.

The additional sensor compliments the electrochemical proven cell and catalytic bead technology found in the Impact Pro series.

Infrared Cells: IR sensors operate by passing infrared light through the gas sample and detecting the change in transmitted light as the molecules absorb the energy to change their vibrational and rotational status. A specific fingerprint can be assigned in the IR spectrum that represents certain gas molecules.

Miniature IR sensors can now be practically incorporated into portable devices; they have the characteristic of a small footprint and relatively low battery consumption making for an ideal sensor for portable use to detect Methane (linear) and other Hydrocarbons at % LEL and % Vol applications.

IR sensors can also be tuned to measure Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Find out more by reading our data sheet below:

Data Sheet


  Unique replaceable sensor cartridge pre-calibrated for lowest cost of ownership and minimal service requirements
  Rugged water resistant IP67 construction for use in aggressive confined space environments and other demanding industrial monitoring applications
  Powerful, long lifetime, internal motorised pump for sampling over long distances using a selection of probes for all applications
  Excellent battery life using rechargeable NiMH batteries
  Advanced data logging capability as standard with up to 200 hours of continuous data storage for all channels of gas detected
  Easy to calibrate with the unique Enforcer (% LEL sensor only) un-powered calibration station that completely automates bump testing and gas calibration
  Intrinsically safe communications technology between operator and attendant using the advanced SafeLink intercommunication option between two Impact units

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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