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Neotronics Neotox XL Oxygen Analyser

This detector is now obsolete.


  Personal single gas monitor with backlit display
  Simple operation with audible and visual alarms
  Optional integral datalogging
  Dry cell or rechargeable battery options


  Reduces gas usage when used to set combustion
  Allows accurate setting of Air/Gas ratio
  Accurate pre-burn values with no interaction with cooling wind

The unit is supplied with integral sample pipes and fittings, allowing the unit to be connected into the rear of the burners on a 400 series Air/Gas combustion system.

Some older methods previously measured the exhaust gases but with modern day forehearths using forced draught cooling, this method is fast becoming an inaccurate methodology.

With just a sample of 300ml/min the combustion mix can be tested at the rear of the burner, giving the most accurate sample.

With this sample reading the combustion system can be adjusted to gain the stoichiometric ratio of the gas used allowing for the best fuel efficiency and the lowest emmissions.

The Measurement

Typically electrochemical cells are used for oxygen detection. These operate by producing a small voltage when the lead inside the cell is oxidised.

The voltage is proportional to the amount of oxygen present. The product listed provides a relatively low cost, reliable and long-life solution to the Problem of oxygen monitoring.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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