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Radiodetection PCM+ Pipeline Current Mapper

Please Note: This product has been replaced by the Radiodetection PCMx.

Fast locate and effective measurement of pipeline coating defects. The location and measurement of pipeline corrosion using electromagnetic detection devices (Locators) are increasingly being linked with GIS systems and GPS information, to provide an accurate record of the condition of pipes and the position and time co-ordinates for post mapping analysis - this requirement is the basis of the PCM+.

As part of Radiodetection's commitment to protecting the environment the PCM+ enables the pipeline technician to carry out preventative maintenance on pipelines giving them a longer life and identifying corrosion at an earlier stage.

The PCM+ System consists of a portable transmitter and a hand held locator. The transmitter connected at the CPS station or test post, applies a special signal to the pipeline. The locator locates this unique signal at distances up to 30km (19 miles) identifying the position and depth of the pipe.

Once the pipe has been located the technician can map the leakage currents along the pipe in magnitude and direction allowing coating defects to be quickly identified. Once the segment of pipeline where the defect lies has been identified, by using an A-frame, the defect position and depth can be further pinpointed to within 1 meter (3 feet).

The PCM+ using its powerful feature set including Automatic Signal Attenuation (ASA), accurately and easily locates and maps the pipeline even in areas where there is contact with other metallic structures, electrical interference, or congestion, providing simultaneous measurement of PCM current (ACCA) and Voltage Gradient (ACVG).

This eliminates the need for the operator to perform 'current spans' and manual calculations to determine CP currents along a pipeline that would usually require a direct connection.

Each time the PCM+ maps in any of the modes, as well as storing and displaying the information on the locator, all the data gathered can be sent via Bluetooth to either a PC or an optional PDA (with GPS), and displayed in a number of graphical formats for fast analysis.

The PCM+ and its accessory equipment provide any pipeline technician with the latest in accurate, fast and reliable pipeline current mapping tools.

PCM+ Locator

The hand held locator unit is used to locate the pipeline, even in heavily congested areas such as conduits, and then provides the operator with a measurement of depth current strength and signal direction applied by the transmitter to quickly pinpoint corrosion related problems.

The locator makes the required calculations and instantaneously displays the results. This provides the operator with an improved method that accurately troubleshoots the CP system by pinpointing metallic contacts and locating areas of coating defects.

Real time mapping analysis (PDA or PC) using Radiodetection Survey software

To provide faster analysis of mapped information, the PCM+ connects wirelessly with a PDA or PC, uploading all the information immediately and linking it with GPS into a database using the Radiodetection Survey software. The database is updated after each mapping and can be seen immediately on the PC or PDA in either a database or a choice of graphical formats. The information can then be imported into most of the standard post processing software programs available.

The Radiodetection Survey software incorporates GPS information and shows the mapped data in a variety of formats as well as allowing comparisons between new and old mapping surveys.

PCM-Tx Transmitter

The PCM+ system's specialized constant current high-power transmitter allows for long range signal detection of up to 30km (19 miles). Significantly fewer pipeline connection points are needed thereby reducing the time required to evaluate a section of pipeline. The transmitter has three operating modes that enable both distribution and transmission pipeline systems to be effectively mapped.

Connecting the PCM+ is straightforward, and the transmitter's current reading display and power indicating LED's help the operator to choose the best settings for the specific pipeline application.


The A-Frame is used with the PCM+ locator to precisely pinpoint coating defects and isolation faults. The PCM+ locator display indicates direction to the fault, using the CD arrows, and this makes fault position easy to locate. The PCM+ also displays the dB microvolts reading across the A-Frame spikes, and this allows a comparison to be made between different faults to determine the most severe. This numeric value is stored in the PCM's datalogging facility, and uploaded via Bluetooth to a PDA or PC.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information


PCM+ Locator 10/PCMRX+


PCM TX Transmitter 150W UK 10/PCMTX+UK
PCM TX Transmitter 150W USA 10/PCMTX+USA
PCM TX Transmitter 150W EU 10/PCMTX+EU

PCM Kits

PCM+Kit (with TX transmitter) UK Contains PCM+, Tx transmitter, A Frame(and bag) +, soft Rx Carry Bag 10/PCM+KITUK
PCM+Kit (with TX transmitter) US Contains PCM+, Tx transmitter, A Frame +, soft Rx Carry Bag 10/PCM+KITUSA
PCM+Kit (with TX transmitter) Euro 10/PCM+KITEU
PCM+Kit (with TX transmitter)UK Contains PCM+, Tx transmitter, A Frame +, Hard Rx Carry Bag 10/PCM+KITUKH
PCM+Kit (with TX transmitter) US Contains PCM+, Tx transmitter, A Frame +, Hard Rx Carry Bag 10/PCM+KITUSAH
PCM+Kit (with TX transmitter) Euro Contains PCM+, Tx transmitter, A Frame +, Hard Rx Carry Bag 10/PCM+KITEUH

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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