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Radiodetection RD500 Plastic Water Pipe Locator

The RD500 is an effective instrument for locating and tracing buried plastic and/or concrete water pipes. The RD500 traces plastic water pipes over distances up to 150m/yds from the point of application of the TransOnde Transmitter. The unit is low cost, quick and easy to use. Operators learn to locate and trace the RD500 in a few minutes.

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How the Locator Works

The RD500 is in two parts; the TransOnde Transmitter which is fi tted to a fi re hydrant, meter base or tap, and the hand-held Receiver to trace buried pipe away from the TransOnde. The TransOnde applies a distinctive wave signal along the pipe that is located by the seismic sensor in the receiver. The signal is then amplified to provide a response on the RD500 meter and in the headphones.

Locator Performance

The RD500 gives its best performance locating a single pipe running under grass, soil or pavement. Between 30 psi/2 bar and 75 psi/5 bar water pressure and adequate flow, the receiver will trace the line over distances up to 150m/yds.

Locate resolution is 25% of depth along the length of the trace with the pipe at depths down to 2m/6ft.

Locating may be reduced when the pipe runs under pavement or concrete. The TransOnde pressure wave signal is dissipated, therefore the receiver peak response is spread over a wider area.

Locate range may be reduced at the point where the pipe goes into a tee or joins a larger pipe, the TransOnde pressure wave signal is either split or reduced.

Technical Data

  The receiver is handheld and lightweight with the meter fi tted at the top of the 120cm/48in instrument.
  The meter is calibrated 0-100 to indicate a peak response to the TransOnde signal
  Meter indicates battery state at each switch (ON). 100 hours of battery life with 9V PP3 alkaline battery
  Headphone jack provided as standard for audio response
  Rotary ON/OFF and sensitivity control
  Receiver is supplied with a 14cm/51.2 in earth spike

TransOnde Transmitter

The TransOnde is a heavy duty brass casting. A 3/4 inch BSP input is fi tted to an open tap, meter base or hydrant and the transmitter discharges through a 3/4 inch BSP into a heavy duty outlet hose. An oscillator reacts to water flow in the TransOnde body and applies a distinctive pressure wave to the water in the pipe.

All transmitters need a fl ow of 1-2 gallons per minute and there is a choice of three transmitters to suit different application points.

High Power Red Fire Hydrant
Medium Power Yellow Meter Base
Low Power Green Tap

160 psi/11 bar is maximum working pressure for the TransOnde.

There is a simple T-handle adjustment to match the TransOnde Transmitter to water pressure and flow.

All TransOndes come complete with three spare filter washer.


The TransOnde Transmitter produces a pulsed pressure wave along the pipe. This pressure wave does not exceed the rated pressure of most water supply systems.

To avoid the risk of damage, do not use the RD500 for prolonged periods exceeding 30 minutes or on substandard water supply systems. Always use the hose damper when applying the TransOnde to a tap within 15m/yds of a building.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information


10/5R0001-KIT RD500 Kit comprising RD500 Plastic Water Pipe Locator, Concrete/Asphalt plate, Headphones, Spike and Carry Case
10/5KCW RD500 CW Kit comprising RD500 Locator, Concrete/Asphalt Plate, Headphones, Carry Case, Low Power Transonde, Medium Power Transonde, High Power Transonde, Accessory Bag, Hose and Tap Damper
10/RD500-B RD500 B Kit comprising RD500 Locator, Electronic Transonde, Concrete/Asphalt Plate, Headphones, Carry Case, Low Power Transonde, Medium Power Transonde, High Power Transonde, Accessory Bag, Hose and Tap Damper
10/RD500-C RD500 C Kit comprising RD500 Locator, Electronic Transonde, Concrete/Asphalt Plate, Headphones, Carry Case, Filter Washers, Accessory Bag and Hose

RD550 series

RD550 60/RD5501 Pulse wave generator
In casing, with integrated rechargeable battery and separate power unit

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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