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Radiodetection RD1000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the RD1100.

The RD1000 is a powerful and strong product to add to the utility surveyor's tool range. Using radar technology, the RD1000 exhibits an image of subterranean features. The RD1000, the user can spot a pipe or cable in its topographical setting, making it perfect for locating and excavating utilities. The plus point over an established, electromagnetic locator is that the RD1000 can spot non-conductive materials including plastic pipes.

Built from durable, weatherproof materials, the RD1000 offers users a comfortable and easy-to-steer product that can operate in almost any terrain. The RD1000 is supplied in a single container and weighs less then 23kg (50lb). Assembling takes less than two minutes and it can also be easily dismantled in order to provide compact storage and ease of transportation. The RD1000 is easy to service and repair due to its modular design.

Offering fantastic locate performance, the RD1000 displays the underground map in real-time on a high contrast LCD screen, using its powerful DSP core. The RD1000 also features integrated gain enhancements and digital colour. This allows the user to increase the locate quality and performance. Along with this, there is advanced digital filtering, which helps the user remove unwanted signals and provides higher accuracy.

The operation of the RD1000 is easy. The LCD screen has a keypad and menu system that gives the user simple access to the advanced features that the RD1000 offers, using its DSP core. The RD1000 has a unique feature called Locate Mode. This feature provides an accurate view of the conditions underground and uses a cursor that shows the user the depth and location of the buried utility.

The RD1000 also has one-touch image recording, which helps the user store their findings. These can be stored on Compact Flash Cards, which can be easily copied onto computers or laptops. This interface also allows the technician to update the RD1000's firmware when updates are available.

Key Features

  Durable and ergonomic design - The RD1000 can be assembled on site in less than two minutes and can be dismantled with ease for compact storage and safe transportation.
  Powerful location performance - Advanced digital filtering helps the operator to eliminate unwanted signals and provide greater accuracy.
  Simple operation - Unique to the RD1000, Locate Mode, is activated simply by reversing the cart. Locate Mode provides an accurate snapshot of underground conditions and uses a cursor to indicate the depth and location of a buried utility.
  Cost-effective pricing - The base price is highly competitive and the product's modular design of fully interchangeable parts helps to reduce the customer's ongoing costs.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

RD1000™ Portable Ground Penetrating Radar System 10/RD1K

GPR Image View Software Kit 10/RD1KSOFT

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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