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Radiodetection RD7000+ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the RD7100.

Large underground networks can contain many different specific cables, pipes and utility RF markers, resulting in it being very difficult and complicated locating them. To complicate matters further, different soil types along with close proximity with other conductors, can cause the ground to distort. This is why Radiodetection have produced the RD7000+.

The RD7000+ is easy to use, has excellent accuracy and is also very reliable.

Key Features

  Dynamic Overload Protection
  Peak/Null Mode
  Marker Locator
  Data Logging
  Remote Calibration

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

SL type RD7000+ 10/7KSL+

RD7KSL+ with rechargeable battery and mains charger 10/7KSL+(RCPACK)-X

DL type RD7000+ (Locates all sondes and has passive modes) 10/7KDL+

RD7KDL+ with rechargeable battery and mains charger 10/7KDL+(RCPACK)-X

TL type RD7000+ 10/7KTL+

RD7KTL+ with rechargeable battery and mains charger 10/7KTL+(RCPACK)-X

PL type RD7000+ 10/7KPL+

RD7KPL+ with rechargeable battery and mains charger 10/7KPL+(RCPACK)-X

Tx-1 10/RDTX1

Tx-1 with Li-ion rechargeable battery pack and mains charger 10/RDTX1(RCPACK)-X

Tx-3 10/RDTX3

Tx-3 with Li-ion rechargable battery pack and mains charger 10/RDTX3(RCPACK)-X

Tx-10 10/RDTX10

Tx-10 with Li-ion rechargable battery pack and mains charger 10/RDTX10(RCPACK)-X

Please add -X to denote regional variant X = EU, UK or US

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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