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Radiodetection RD8100 Precision Cable Locator

The RD8100 is RadioDetection's most up to date locator range. A unique arrangement of 5 custom manufactured ground antennas allow the level of precision to be monitored and changed to suit the needs of the user, depending on the job in hand.

Locate professionals now require much more demanding and flexible tools because of utility infrastructures becoming more complex. Locates are now extremely responsive with features like

Current Direction, iLOC and versatile Tx Transmitter range.

Best working practices are promoted by the use of integrated GPS and usage-logging which form customer reports and safety audits for customers.

Current Direction (CD)

With the CD feature you can locate your utility and prevent yourself from wasting time by following false trails. It does this by helping the user pick out their target line from others nearby.

Automatic usage logging with GPS positioning

The RD8100 locators are equipped with GPS and are able to capture locate parameters every second, which allows the device to form a picture of individual locates which can be used to assess usage patterns over time. The data collected by the RD7100 can be used to identify training needs when bad working habits begin to develop. Furthermore, the information allows the user to evidence task completion and process improvements by sharing the data with stakeholders. This data can be exported in multiple formats, such as KML which can be used to view where and when the work was completed through Google Maps.

Peak+™ Mode combines accuracy with speed

Peak+™ mode offers the combination of accurate peak locating and the speedy ground coverage of guidance arrows. The user can also check for distortion by simply clicking one button which compares null with peak.

Power Filters™ pinpoint and discriminate between power cables (PL models only)

Tracing power lines through complex networks can be very difficult when you are unable to connect a signal transmitter, as a wash of signal is created by conflicting signals. The Rd7100 is able to identify whether a signal is coming from one source or multiple cables, whilst also tracking and marking their routes at just the push of a button.

Trace high impedance utilities with 4 kHz - and with CD

The 4 kHz locate frequency is able to track high impedance lines, this includes telecoms, twisted pair and street lighting. Because of the dense infrastructure these utilities are frequently found in, the combination of 4 KHz and CD ensure that you stay on track and follow the correct line.

Quickly follow lines with Guidance Mode

Guidance mode enables the user to quickly follow the path of buried utilities through the use of proportional and directional arrows and also audio tones which help guide you along the correct path.

Customize the locator to your network frequencies

There are 5 additional frequencies which can be programmed into all of the RD8100 locators, this allows the user to match it with signals found on your target networks.

Fault Find

Combine the RD8100 locator with an accessory A-frame to identify and pinpoint insulation sheath faults to within 4" (10cm).

Data Sheet
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User Manual

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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