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Stuart SMP40 Melting Point Apparatus

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the SMP50.

In recent years, Stuart has become the laboratory name in melting points. For the first time, Stuart has introduced an automatic melting point, the SMP40. The automatic melting point accurately identifies the melting point of up to three samples simultaneously via the latest technology in digital imaging. Stuarts previous 'top of the range' unit has also been improved to include further useful and innovative features.

The latest melting point from Stuart uses a digital camera to identify the smallest of changes within the sample, allowing accurate, and reliable, automatic identification of the melting point of your material. An automatic melting point frees the user time to allow them to do other things, and with the full colour display on the SMP40 you can watch the sample melt real time, just in case you want to keep an eye on the result.

Storage and connectivity

The SMP40 can retain approximately 200 results with videos for reviewing at a later date. Alternatively the unit has USB ports for connection to flash drive or PC via Microsoft ActivSync, so the video files can be more permanently stored as a long term record.

Block cleaning

It is inevitable that at some point in the life of a melting point apparatus the block will need cleaning. The SMP40 has been cleverly designed to allow easy access to the block to make this necessary job as easy as possible.

5.7" colour VGA, touch screen display

All control of the SMP40 is via the colour touchscreen display, the user interface has been custom designed for melting point applications and is quick and easy to navigate. On the screen a full colour display of the samples is shown in real time, just in case you want to check on the automatic result. Once samples have been run the video files are retained as standard .avi files and can be viewed on the unit after the event or transferred to PC to retain traceability long term.

Protective safety hood

The design on the SMP40 utilises a protective safety hood which, when loaded, protects your samples from accidental sideswipes. The hood also acts as a light shield ensuring that adjustments in the ambient lighting conditions don't affect the automatic melting point determination.

Pre-prepared sample storage

The SMP40 features a handy storage area where pre-prepared samples can be safely stored.

Data Sheet

Preparing A Sample
Saving To Portable Media
Split Design Concept
Cleaning The Block

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Split design concept

The Stuart automatic melting point is the first melting point to utilise a split concept. The control side can be separated from the sample side allowing maximum footprint flexibility, the sample side can be located at the back of the bench to give more space or even in a fume cupboard if required. The control side can also be used in two orientations, either landscape or portrait, this allows a more comfortable viewing angle whether you are stood or sat at the bench. The control side automatically detects which orientation it is in and flips the screen to always be the right way up.

Onboard capillary storage with in built glass cutter

The SMP40 features a useful onboard storage drawer to house all standard capillary tubes. The drawer also contains a small glass cutter that can be used to accurately cut sample tubes in half, for those users who prefer not to use whole tubes. Not only will the glass cutter always get the cut in the centre of the tube, but it will also reliably give a clean cut making sample loading cleaner and safer.


All units are factory supplied with a calibration certificate showing individual serial number for traceability. The SMP40 also conforms to Pharmacopeia and GLP.

Technical Specifications

Melting point method - Automatic, via digital imaging
No of samples - 3 simultaneously
Temperature range - Ambient to 400degC
Temperature resolution - 0.1degC
Display - 5.7" Colour VGA
Ramp rates - 0.1-10degC in 0.1degC increments
Temperature sensor - PT100 Platinum resistance
Memory - 200 results with video
Accessory printer available - No
Date/time display - Yes
Cool down time - ~10 mins
Heat up time - ~6 mins
Electrical supply - 120V / 230V, 50-60Hz
Onboard capillary storage - Yes
In-built glass cutter - No
Language variants - English
Temperature units - degC, degF
Dimensions h x d x w - 175 x 210 x 328mm
Net Weight - 3.2kg

Ordering Information

SMP40 - Automatic melting point apparatus, complete with pack of 100 melting point tubes, closed at both ends.
SMP2/1 - Glass melting point tubes, closed at both ends, pack of 100
SMP1/4 - Glass melting point tubes, open at both ends, pack of 100
SMP10/1 - Glass melting point tubes, closed at one end, pack of 100

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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