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Techne AB-100 Afterburner

This product is now obsolete. To see the current Techne range, please click here.

The Techne AB-100 Afterburner is designed to reduce insoluble contaminants from gasses and smoke emission from the exhaust gas of the Techne fluidised bath cleaning systems.These are easily dealt with by completing the combustion in an AB-100. The Afterburner consists of a burner plate mounted within a thermally insulated combustion chamber. The AB-100 gas burner is designed to heat the polluted air stream to 700°C and promote thermal decomposition of the polutants of PE/PP/PA/PET/PUR leaving only harmless compounds such as H2O and CO2.

The input to the combustion chamber is designed to connect directly to a standard Techne extraction fan, while the output is suitable for connection to an exhaust stack.

The Afterburner is not intended to exhaust into the workplace and will typically reduce CO2 emmissions from 400 ppm to 40 ppm and HCN from 150 ppm to less than 2 ppm.

The AB-100 will not remove hydrogen chloride from exhaust gases.

The SR-100 fume scrubber should be placed before the afterburner whenever considerable quantities of HCL will be generated.

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FSAB1 - AB-100 Afterburner 230v 50/60Hz


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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