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Techne PrimeQ Real-time PCR System

This product is now obsolete. To see the current Techne range, please click here.

In 1987 Techne produced our first thermal cycler. Since that time we have developed a high level of expertise in this field. We are now proud to launch our latest instrument to complement the Prime thermal cycler range.

The PrimeQ Real-Time PCR instrument provides an open architecture and chemistry format that has been designed with user flexibility in mind. The Quansoft software package allows manipulation of raw data and experimental set up even after the run is complete.

The PrimeQ instrument has been designed with the advantage of having an open architecture and chemistry format that allows the end user full flexibility of the qPCR methods and research they wish to pursue.

Single White LED Light Source

  Ensures consistent power output to each well compared to tungsten halogen lamps or other multiple LED systems.
  Provides a long life span unlike tungsten halogen lamps that require frequent replacement.

PMT (Photomultiplier tube) Detector

  PMT is designed for accurate detection of photons compared to CCD cameras which are just an imaging system.
  PMT provides raw data for analysis that can be manipulated directly whereas CCD uses image comparisons interpreted by internal algorithms.

Flexible scanning mechanism

  Allows both partial and full plate reads.
  High accuracy ensures no cross talk between well reads.
  Full plate read in 20 seconds per filter.

Multiplex capabilities

  4 paired excitation and emission filters housed in an individual cartridge system.
  Open system to preferred chemistry and not locked in to factory calibrated dyes.

Introducing Quansoft

Accompanying PrimeQ is our unique, intuitive software Quansoft. Employing four user-friendly editor functions Quansoft enables any real-time experiment to be created and analysed with ease.

Ordering Information

PRIMEQ - PrimeQ real-time PCR System (supplied with filters FC02, FC03, FC04, FC05)
FC01 - FAM multiplex, 460nm excitation wavelength, 500nm emission wavelength
FC02 - Green, FAM/SYBR, 485nm excitation wavelength, 520nm emission wavelength
FC03 - Yellow, HEX, 530nm excitation wavelength, 560nm emission wavelength
FC04 - Red, ROX 580nm excitation wavelength, 615nm emission wavelength
FC05 - Blue, Cy5, 640nm excitation wavelength, 685nm emission wavelength

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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