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Techne TC-412 Thermal Cycler Quad Package

Please note - this product is now obsolete. Please click here for the current models.

This reduced price package containing all you require for high throughput cycling with the option to connect through a PC.

  4 x TC-412 cyclers in 96 standard, 96 fully skirted or 384 well microtitre plate format.

  Gensoft control software.

  1 x computer connector cable with RS232:RS485 converter, to connect the first cycler to a PC.

  4 x TC-412 connector boxes and connections.

  1 x termination box with power pack and power cable, to place on the last cycler.

Technical Specifications

Blocks Formats

0.5ml capacity - 60
0.2ml capacity - 96
384-well block - Yes
In-situ block - Yes
User interchangeable - Yes

Block Temperature

Maximum ramp rate - 2.6 degrees/sec
Temperature range - 4 degrees to 99 degrees
Temperature set point precision - 0.1 degrees

Heated Lid

Selectable heated lid temperature - 100 degrees - 115 degrees
Heated lid enable/disable - Yes
Over temperature cut out - Yes
Regulated lid pressure - Yes
Heated lid only comes on if block is set above - 35 degrees


Number of programs - 80
Password protection - Yes
Programming - 4-line alphaN
Incremental/decremental temperature - Yes
Incremental/decremental hold time - Yes
Maximum hold time - 18 hrs
Minimum hold time - 1 sec
Variable programmable ramp rate - 0.1 degrees/sec steps
Run end time calculation - Yes
Pause and stop facility - Yes
End of program alarm (enable/disable) - Yes
Auto restart on power failure - Yes


Serial port - RS232
Dual Voltage (120/230V) - Yes
Temperature sensor - Thermistor
Peltier elements/block - 8
Dimensions L x W x H (in inches) - 16.5 x 8.6 x 10.2
Footprint L x W (in inches) - 16.5 x 8.6
Connection to PC control program - Yes
Free software upgrades from website - Yes
Power consumption - 620 Watts
Frequency - 50 - 60 Hz
Net weight (in lbs.) - 25

Technical notes:

Block temperatures - To provide thermal cyclers with the high performance and specificity required for the protocols of today, heated block design and program versatility are important features.

Incremental/decremental temperatures - Touchdown PCR protocols are where a higher temperature is required for the initial cycles than later cycles. This ensures that only highly specific product is created (amplified) during the critical initial steps. A decreased, less stringent temperature is then used by gradually decreasing the annealing temperature. The effect is a higher yield and more specific product. Therefore, to eliminate the need for programming lengthy error prone protocols, choose a thermal cycler which can automatically incorporate an incremental decrease/increase in temperature.

Incremental/decremental time - Long template PCR is the amplification of large fragments of DNA (e.g. 40kb lambda, 27kb Genomic). To ensure that the extension is fully complete after each cycle, the extension time is increased with each cycle to compensate for the increased product quantity and decreasing concentrations of reagents. As above with temperature, choose a thermal cycler which can automatically increase/decrease hold time at a given temperature.

Peltier technology - The peltier effect is used in many applications for the reliable cooling of sensitive high-temperature components without the need for refrigerants or compressors. Otherwise known as thermoelectric coolers, peltiers are a special type of semiconductor that function as a solid state heat pump. By applying a low voltage DC power source to one side, heat will be moved in the direction of the current (+ to - ). The heat is thus pumped from one side of the module to the other, so that one face will be cold while the opposite face will be heated. As this effect is reversible, peltier technology is the chosen method for heating and cooling the block in the best thermal cyclers on the market today.

Ordering Information

FTC41S5D - TC-412 60 x 0.5ml microtubes, 230/115V
FTC41H2D - TC-412 96 x 0.2ml microtubes or 96-well plate, 230/115V
FTC4384D - TC-412 384-well microtitre plate, 230/115V
FTC41FLD - TC-412 Flat plate for in-situ, 230/115V
FTC41B5D - Block for 60 x 0.5ml microtubes
FTC41BHD - Block for 96 x 0.2ml microtubes or 96-well plate
FTC4B384 - Block for 384-well microtitre plate
FTC41BID - Flat plate block for in-situ

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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