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Anton Sprint V2 Flue Gas Analyser

Sprint V2 Kit 3
Sprint V2 Kit 3

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Sprint eVo Flue Gas Analyser.

The Anton Telegan Sprint V2 is the latest flue gas analyser from the tried and tested Telegan range. Versatile and economic, the Sprint V range analysers offer ease of use together with a range of features to assist the heating engineer.

The Sprint V2 is a multi-function gas analyser designed to meet the requirements of BS7967 and BS7927. The V2 features advanced menu driven software which can supply 8 different reports both on screen and via the optional infra-red linked printer. Reports include: Flue gas analysis, differential temperature, let by/tightness and 5 different room CO safety tests by appliance type.

  Easy to operate
  Accurately measures O2, CO, and flue temperature
  Calculates CO2, CO/CO2 ratio, poison index and efficiency
  Multi-fuel: Natural gas, LPG, light & heavy oil, coal, wood, coke, biomass & bagasse
  Timed CO build up tests (BS7697)
  Timed let by/tightness tests (IGE/11/UP/1b)
  Flow and return temperature testing
  Differential pressure measurement
  Easy log for 200 readings or instant print
  Infra-red output to optional printer with personalised printouts
  Accurately calculates boiler efficiency
  Simple USB/PC communications
  Flammable gas leak detection probe (V2LD versions only)

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