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Originally known as Barloworld Scientific, Bibby Scientific was formed since its acquisition by Nova Capital.

One of the world's largest and broadest manufacturers of laboratory products, Bibby Scientific is the umbrella of several brands, each one of the most recognisable brands within their individual fields.

The three famous Bibby Scientific brands are:


The Jenway division make a wide range of scientific instruments including UV/Vis spectrophotometers, flame photometers, colorimeters, portable and laboratory meters for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity and specifications.


The Stuart range of products includes blood tube rotators, colony counters, hotplates, hybridisation ovens, rockers, shakers, stirrers and water purification systems.


The Techne brand is the world leader in the manufacture of temperature control equipment, including water baths, Dri-block heaters and molecular biology products such as hybridisation incubators and thermal cyclers.

Part Number Index

Part Number Index


Block Heaters

SBH130 Analogue Block Heater - BUY ONLINE

SBH130D & SBH200D Digital Block Heaters - BUY ONLINE
SBH130DC & SBH200DC Digital Block Heaters (Dual Control) - BUY ONLINE
SBH130D/3 & SBH200D/3 Digital Block Heaters - BUY ONLINE
SBHCONC/1 Sample Concentrator - BUY ONLINE

Colony Counters

SC6 Plus Colony Counter - BUY ONLINE


SW5 & SW6 Flocculators - BUY ONLINE

Heating Mantles

HM Heating Mantles - BUY ONLINE


SHM1 Handheld Homogeniser - BUY ONLINE
SHM2 Laboratory Homogeniser - BUY ONLINE


CB300 & SB300 Large Capacity Hotplates - BUY ONLINE
CB500 & SB500 Large Capacity Hotplates - BUY ONLINE
CP300 Hotplate - BUY ONLINE
CR300 Infra Red Hotplate - BUY ONLINE
SD160 Digital Hotplate - BUY ONLINE
SD300 & SD500 Digital Hotplates - BUY ONLINE

Hotplate Stirrers

CB302 & SB302 Hotplate Stirrers - BUY ONLINE
CD162 & SD162 Stirrer Hotplates - BUY ONLINE
CR302 Magnetic Stirrer - BUY ONLINE
SB162-3 Hotplate Stirrer (3 Position) - BUY ONLINE
Heating Blocks
UC & US Hotplate Stirrers - BUY ONLINE


SI19 Incubator (for microtitre plates) - BUY ONLINE
SI30H Hybridisation, Incubator & Shaker
SI60 & SI60D Incubator (total visibility) - BUY ONLINE
SI500 Shaking Incubator
SI505 Shaking Incubator
SI600 Shaking Incubator
SI600C Large Cooled Incubator

Liquid Handling

BD10 & BD25 Bibbypet Bottle Top Dispensers
BT30 & BT50 Digital Burettes - BUY ONLINE
PC2000 Bibbyjet Pipette Controller - BUY ONLINE
PP, R & HF Pressmatic Bottle Top Dispensers

Melting Point Apparatus

SMP10 Melting Point Apparatus (Digital) - BUY ONLINE
SMP11 Melting Point Apparatus (Analogue) - BUY ONLINE
SMP20 Melting Point Apparatus (Digital) - BUY ONLINE
SMP30 Melting Point Apparatus (Digital) - BUY ONLINE
SMP50 Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

Overhead Stirrers

SS10, SS20 & SS30 Overhead Stirrers - BUY ONLINE

Recirculating Coolers

SRC4 & SRC14 Recirculating Coolers



Rotary Evaporators

RE3011C Vacuum Pump
RE3022C Vacuum Pump
RE400 Series Rotary Evaporator
RE400DB & RE400OB Digital Water Baths


SB2 Fixed Speed Rotator
SB3 Variable Speed, Timed Rotator
STR4 Drive Unit Rotator

Shakers & Rockers

SF1 Flask Shaker - BUY ONLINE
SSL1 Lab-Scale Orbital Shaker - BUY ONLINE
SSL2 Lab Scale Shaker - BUY ONLINE
SSL3 & SSL4 Lab Scale Rockers - BUY ONLINE
SSM1 Orbital Shaker - BUY ONLINE
SSM3 & SSM4 Mini Rockers - BUY ONLINE
SSM5 & SSL5 Shakers (Microtitre) - BUY ONLINE


SB161-3 Magnetic Stirrer (3 Position) - BUY ONLINE
SB301 Magnetic Stirrer (Heavy Duty) - BUY ONLINE
SM5 Mini Stirrer - BUY ONLINE
SM27 Magnetic Stirrer - BUY ONLINE

Vortex Mixers

SA6 Vortex Mixer
SA7 Vortex Mixer - BUY ONLINE
SA8 Vortex Mixer (Variable Speed) - BUY ONLINE

Water Baths

Digital Water Baths - BUY ONLINE
SBS40 Shaking Water Bath - BUY ONLINE

Water Stills

A4000/8000 Aquatron Water Stills
ADH Aquatron Deioniser
D4000 Distinction Water Still - BUY ONLINE
W4000 Merit Water Still - BUY ONLINE


SCT1 Temperature Controller - BUY ONLINE



6051 Laboratory Colorimeter - BUY ONLINE

Conductivity Meters

4510 Conductivity/TDS Meter - BUY ONLINE
4520 Conductivity/TDS Meter - BUY ONLINE

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

9500 Dissolved Oxygen Meter - BUY ONLINE

Flame Photometers

PFP7 Flame Photometer

pH Meters

550 & 570 Portable pH Meters
3510 pH Meter - BUY ONLINE
3520 pH/mV/Temp Meter - BUY ONLINE
3540 pH/Conductivity Meter - BUY ONLINE


6300 and 6320D Visible Range Spectrophotometers
6305 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer
6850 Double-Beam Spectrophotometer
7200 & 7205 Spectrophotometers
73 Series Spectrophotometers
Genova Bio Spectrophotometer
Genova Nano Spectrophotometer
Genova Plus Spectrophotometer


Thermal Cyclers

3Prime Personal Thermal Cyclers
3PrimeX & 3PrimeG Mid-Size Thermal Cyclers
Prime & PrimeG Full-Size Thermal Cyclers

Dri-Block Heaters

Analogue Dri-Block Heaters (DB-2A, DB-3 & DB-3A)
Digital Dri-Block Heaters (DB100/2, DB100/2 TC, DB100/3, DB100/4, DB200/2 & DB200/3)


Dip and Flow Coolers
Liquid Calibration Baths (LCB-5, LCB-7 & LCB-12)
RB Refrigerated Baths (RB-5A, RB-12A & RB-22A)

Fluidised Baths

FB-08 Fluidised Baths
FB-08C Fluidised Baths
SBS-4 and SBL-2D Fluidised Baths
TC-9D Temperature Controller

Industrial Fluidised Baths

Industrial Fluidised Baths


Open Liquid Calibration Baths

Dri-Block Calibrators

Tecal "Field" Dri-Block Calibrators (140F/425F/650F)
UCal 400+ Portable Dri-Block Calibrator
CH-5 Chiller Unit


4500 Smart Probe Thermometer

Other Techne Products

Gelation Timers (GT-5 & GT-6)
Hybridisation Incubators (HB-1D & HB-3D)
MCS Biological Stirrers
Sample Concentrators (FSC400D & FSC496D)
Sample Cooling (Nē ICE & BLēCKICE)

CMU Mantles

CMU Controlled Mantles
CMUA Stirring Mantles
CMUT Controlled Mantles
CMUV Heating Mantles

EM Heating Mantles

EM Heating Mantles
EMA Heating and Stirring Mantles
EMX & EMV Spill-Proof and V-Shaped Mantles

EM Heating Mantles

EME Series Electromantle Extraction Heaters
EMEA Series Electromantle Extraction Heaters



Heating Cords & Tapes

HC1 Heating Cords
HT7 & HT9 Heating Tapes

Kjeldahl Extraction Heaters

Macro-Kjeldahl and Micro-Kjeldahl Extraction Heaters

STEM Reaction Blocks

RS600 STEM Reaction Blocks
RS1000 STEM Reaction Blocks
RS5000 STEM Reaction Blocks

STEM Omni-Reacto Stations

OS1025 STEM Omni-Reacto Station
OS6050, OS6100 & OS6250 STEM Omni-Reacto Stations
STEM RS9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Station

Other Products

1101D/1102D Mel-Temp Digital Melting Point Apparatus
Electric Bunsens
IA9000 Series Melting Point Apparatus
MH6616 Slide Dry Bench
MH8517 Paraffin Section Flotation Bath
RAK15 Water and Ration Heater
STEM Integrity 10 Parallel Synthesis Station

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