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Carbolite ABA 7/35 Asphalt Binder Analyser

  Designed to measure asphalt binder content by loss on ignition
  Fully compliant with the latest standards, including: AASHTO T 308-10, ASTM D6307-10, & BS/EN 12697-39:2004
  Avoids the health, environmental & waste management issues & expense associated with the older solvent extraction methods.
  With reduced emissions due to high temperature afterburner.
  Controlled via a multi-lingual touchscreen interface
  Supplied as standard with English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian & Russian language & other options available to order.
  Automatic calculation of sample weights & results reduces the potential for error.
  Automatic capture & incorporation of the defined correction factors.
  Precise weight measurements displayed to 0.1g resolution.
  Has the capacity for large sample sizes for more accurate results.
  Average test times from 20 mins for 6mm aggregates, to 45 mins for 40mm aggregates.
  Permanent (dot-matrix) printed reports with user configured timing.
  USB data output compatible with most spread sheets.
  Easy naming, storage & recall of recipes that can be easily transferred between furnaces
  Simplified menu structure with secure 'Supervisor' & 'Operator' settings

Flexible enough for most methods derived from the ASMT, AASHTO and BS/EN loss on ignition standards. The ABA 7-35B replaces the older solvent based test methods.

Calibration factors are first calculated, using either pre-determined asphalt mixes as a benchmark or aggregate only samples in order to correct for volatile components within the aggregate. Also the effect of reduced air density over the hot sample is tested and corrected by a calibration factor.

Sample masses based on the aggregate particle size are collected using standard sampling methods and the weight before ignition is measured on a balance (or scale) outside the ABA 7/35B furnace.

The sample is then introduced into the preheated ABA 7/35B and the appropriate test recipe is entered or selected from the library and run.

For operator safety the ABA 7/35B's door locks and the test runs to completion. The end point is automatically detected by the ABA 7/35B using absolute or percentage weight changes whichever is required for the standard regime that is in use. The test end-point is signalled by an audible alarm.

  Failsafe door interlock keeps the door locked during a test even in the event of a power failure, protecting the operator from the burning test sample.
  Electrical supply is isolated from the heater elements when the door is opened.
  Afterburner temperature is controlled independently from the main chamber.
  Automatic capture and calculation of values minimises human errors.
  Double skin construction gives cooler external surfaces.
  Corrosion resistant, stoved epoxy finish for a long working life.
  Rapid heat up rate enables the ABA to be switched off between tests, reducing power consumption.
  Low thermal mass insulation & efficient element designs means that the ABA heats to readiness in around 30 minutes
  Elements are designed for long life & reduced build-up of contaminants
  Internal balance is easily calibrated in position using a 5kg standard calibration mass.


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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