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Carbolite HVTT 1200 DegC and 1500 DegC Horizontal Vacuum Tube Furnace

HEATING ELEMENTS: 1200degC models: Heating is via an integral wire wound work tube.

1500degC models : Heating is via silicon carbide elements mounted parallel to the work tube.

VACUUM SYSTEM: Ultimate vacuum - better than 10-5mbar, with a clean empty work-tube.

  Vacuum vessel - ceramic tube fitted with stainless steel end seals.
  Oil free scroll dry pump (XDS) eliminates risk of back filling with oil.
  Turbo molecular pump achieves high vacuum much faster than traditional design, both on the initial commissioning and subsequent runs.
  Manual bypass hot gas protection valve (possible option to automate).
  Backing/roughing and baffle valve manually operated.
  Operator friendly digital control system, which is upgradable and/or retrofittable with (for example) additional pressure switches, or RS232 communications, or relay outputs to an alarm or valve.
  Pirani gauge for low vacuum monitoring.
  Active inverted magnetron (AIM) gauge for high vacuum monitoring.

Models in this range:

HVTT 12/50/550 HVTT 12/60/700 HVTT 12/80/700 HVTT 15/50/450 HVTT 15/75/450


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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