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Crowcon Xgard Fixed Gas Detector

The Xgard range offers a comprehensive selection of fixed point gas detectors that meet the diverse requirements gas detection in industries throughout the world. Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) or Flameproof (Exd) versions are available for a wide range of applications.

Xsafe is a cost effective solution for flammable gas detection in safe areas such as boiler rooms, kitchens and commercial buildings.

Xgard offers a wide range of sensors:

  Poison resistant pellistors for flammable gas detection
  Electrochemical sensors are used to detect toxic gases and oxygen
  Thermal conductivity sensors to monitor volume concentrations of gases

Xgard Types

  Xgard Type 1: Intrinsically safe toxic and oxygen gas detector
  Xgard Type 2: Flameproof toxic and oxygen gas detector
  Xgard Type 3: Flameproof flammable gas detector
  Xgard Type 4: Flameproof high temperature flammable gas detector
  Xgard Type 5: Flameproof flammable gas detector with 4-20mA output
  Xgard Type 6: Flameproof thermal conductivity type gas detector
  Xsafe: Safe area flammable gas detector

Low cost of ownership

Xgard detectors are designed for easy installation and maintenance to keep costs down. The three junction box options are all designed to make replacement of sensors and sinters extremely simple.

Spare sensors simply plug-in.

Xgard Types 1 and 2 utilise oxygen sensors with a 2- year life-span, so sensor replacement costs are halved when compared to conventional oxygen detectors. Many spare parts are common to all Xgard models, which keeps spares holding requirements to a minimum.

Flexible installation options

Xgard is designed for either wall or ceiling mounting without the need for additional brackets. Xgard can accommodate M20, 1/2" NPT or 3/4" NPT cable glands to suit all site requirements.

High temperature models are available for hot environments (up to 150oC).

Accessories are available for duct mounting, and sampling applications as well as remote gassing for simple sensor checking.

Wide range of sensors

Xgard offers an extremely wide range of sensors for all applications.

Poison resistant pellistors, for all flammable detection needs including hydrocarbons, hydrogen, ammonia, jet fuel, leaded petrol and vapours containing halogens. Electrochemical sensors are used to detect a vast range of toxic gases and oxygen.

Thermal conductivity sensors are available to monitor volume concentrations of gases.

Rugged and reliable

Xgard is manufactured using a choice of three materials: glass reinforced nylon, highly durable aluminium with a tough polyester coating, or 316 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance. All versions are designed to operate even in the harshest conditions.

Spray deflectors and weatherproof caps are available for use in areas subject to regular wash-downs, or offshore environments.

Data Sheet

Spares Ordering Information

Xgard Type 1 Spare Sensor Modules

S011667/S 0-25ppm, ammonia
S011566/S 0-50ppm, ammonia
S011567/S 0-100ppm, ammonia
S012022/S 0-100ppm, ammonia (low temp., -40C)
S011673/S 0-250ppm, ammonia��
S011677/S 0-500ppm, ammonia��
S011679/S 0-1000ppm, ammonia��
S011830/S 0-1ppm, arsine�
S011658/S 0-3ppm, bromine
S011557/S 0-5ppm, bromine��
S011572/S 0-50ppm, carbon monoxide
S011574/S 0-100ppm, carbon monoxide
S011576/S 0-150ppm, carbon monoxide��
S011578/S 0-200ppm, carbon monoxide
S011259/S 0-250ppm, carbon monoxide
S011580/S 0-300ppm, carbon monoxide
S011582/S 0-500ppm, carbon monoxide
S011584/S 0-1000ppm, carbon monoxide
S011586/S 0-2000ppm, carbon monoxide
S011588/S 0-3ppm, chlorine
S011263/S 0-5ppm, chlorine
S011590/S 0-10ppm, chlorine
S011592/S 0-15ppm, chlorine
S011594/S 0-20ppm, chlorine
S011596/S 0-30ppm, chlorine
S011598/S 0-50ppm, chlorine
S011600/S 0-100ppm, chlorine
S011690/S 0-1ppm, chlorine dioxide
S011831/S 0-1ppm, diborane�
S011558/S 0-10ppm, ethylene oxide
S011659/S 0-50ppm, ethylene oxide
S011515/S 0-100ppm, ethylene oxide
S011565/S 0-1ppm, fluorine��
S011832/S 0-2ppm, germane�
S011704/S 0-200ppm, hydrogen
S011706/S 0-500ppm, hydrogen
S011562/S 0-2000ppm, hydrogen
S011834/S 0-4% vol. (0-100% LEL ) hydrogen
S011707/S 0-10ppm, hydrogen chloride
S011708/S 0-25ppm, hydrogen chloride
S011829/S 0-25ppm, hydrogen cyanide
S011602/S 0-30ppm, hydrogen cyanide��
S011564/S 0-10ppm, hydrogen fluoride
S011604/S 0-2ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011606/S 0-5ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011608/S 0-10ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011610/S 0-20ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011257/S 0-25ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011612/S 0-30ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011614/S 0-50ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011616/S 0-100ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011618/S 0-200ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011620/S 0-250ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011622/S 0-300ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011624/S 0-1000ppm, hydrogen sulphide
S011634/S 0-5ppm, nitrogen dioxide
S011561/S 0-10ppm, nitrogen dioxide
S011288/S 0-50ppm, nitric oxide
S011289/S 0-100ppm, nitric oxide
S011626/S 0-30ppm, nitrogen dioxide
S011628/S 0-50ppm, nitrogen dioxide
S011630/S 0-100ppm, nitrogen dioxide
S011563/S 0-1ppm, ozone
S011265/S 0-25% vol. oxygen
S011833/S 0-1ppm, phosgene
S011698/S 0-1ppm, phosphine
S011568/S 0-2ppm, phosphine
S011685/S 0-1ppm, silane�
S011636/S 0-5ppm, sulphur dioxide
S011638/S 0-10ppm, sulphur dioxide
S011640/S 0-15ppm, sulphur dioxide
S011644/S 0-20ppm, sulphur dioxide
S011646/S 0-50ppm, sulphur dioxide
S011652/S 0-100ppm, sulphur dioxide
S011654/S 0-250ppm, sulphur dioxide
S011560/S 0-100ppm, volatile organics

Xgard Type 2 Spare Sensor Modules

S011572/S 0-50ppm carbon monoxide
S011574/S 0-100ppm carbon monoxide
S011576/S 0-150ppm carbon monoxide
S011578/S 0-200ppm carbon monoxide
S011259/S 0-250ppm carbon monoxide
S011580/S 0-300ppm carbon monoxide
S011582/S 0-500ppm carbon monoxide
S011584/S 0-1000ppm carbon monoxide
S011704/S 0-200ppm hydrogen
S011706/S 0-500ppm hydrogen
S011562/S 0-2000ppm hydrogen
S011604/S 0-2ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011606/S 0-5ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011608/S 0-10ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011610/S 0-20ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011257/S 0-25ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011612/S 0-30ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011614/S 0-50ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011616/S 0-100ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011618/S 0-200ppm hydrogen sulphide
S011265/S 0-25% vol.oxygen

Xgard Type 3 and 5 Spare Sensor Modules

S011509/S 0-100% LEL methane - pellister - pellister VQ21T
S011511/S 0-100% LEL pentane - pellister VQ21T
S011513/S 0-100% LEL hydrogen - pellister VQ21T
S011517/S 0-100% LEL ethanol - pellister VQ21T
S012162/S 0-100% LEL methanol - pellister VQ21T
S011518/S 0-100% LEL acetylene - pellister VQ21T
S011519/S 0-100% LEL butane2 - pellister VQ21T
S011520/S 0-100% LEL ethane - pellister VQ21T
S011521/S 0-100% LEL ethylene - pellister VQ21T
S011522/S 0-100% LEL LPG - pellister VQ21T
S011523/S 0-100% LEL propane - pellister VQ21T
S011524/S 0-100% LEL petrol vapour (unleaded) - pellister VQ21T
S012171/S 0-25% LEL hydrogen - pellister VQ21T
S012003/S 0-100% LEL acetaldehyde - pellister 300P
S012973/S 0-100% LEL hexane - pellister VQ21T
S012977/S 0-100% LEL isopropyl alcohol (IPA) - pellister VQ21T
S0111001/S 0-100% LEL toluene - pellister VQ21T
S011506/S 0-100% LEL petrol vapour (leaded) - pellister VQ8
S011840/S 0-100% LEL ethylene dichloride (EDC) - pellister VQ25
S012972/S 0-100% LEL vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) - pellister VQ25
S011487/S 0-100% LEL jet fuel - pellister VQ41T
S011489/S 0-25% LEL ammonia - pellister VQ41T
S012988/S 0-100% LEL methane - pellister NP-30𔅀-100% LEL methane - pellister NP-30†
S012989/S 0-100% LEL pentane - pellister NP-30𔅀-100% LEL pentane - pellister NP-30†
S012990/S 0-100% LEL butane - pellister NP-30𔅀-100% LEL butane - pellister NP-30†
S012991/S 0-100% LEL propane - pellister NP-30𔅀-100% LEL propane - pellister NP-30†

† very high poison resistance† very high poison resistance

Xgard Type 4 Spares

S011954 0-100% LEL methane plus general flammable gases. Supplied with bonded sensor retainer and Viton o-ring.
M04909 Sensor retainer O-ring. Viton.
M04910 Junction box lid O-ring. Viton.
S011720 Terminal support PCB
E07688 High temperature terminal block.

Xgard Type 6 Spare Sensor Modules

S011540/S 0-5% vol. hydrogen (in air)
S011542/S 0-10% vol. hydrogen (in air)
S011544/S 0-50% vol. hydrogen (in air)
S011548/S 0-20% vol. hydrogen (in nitrogen)
S011550/S 0-25% vol. hydrogen (in nitrogen)
S011494/S 0-30% vol. hydrogen (in nitrogen)

Xsafe Spare Sensor Modules

S011509/S 0-100% LEL methane - pellister VQ21T
S011523/S 0-100% LEL propane/LPG - pellister VQ21T

Xgard and Xsafe General Spares

S012132/S 9: Sensor retainer (aluminium) - Type 1 UL and MED certified only
S012982 9: Sensor retainer (nylon)* includes sensor seal - Xgard Type 1 ATEX only
S012133/S 9: Sensor retainer with sinter (aluminium)† Types 2,3,5,6, IR
M04885 7: Sensor seal (for aluminium and nylon sensor retainers)† Types 1,2,3,5,6, IR
M01945 9: Sensor retainer (stainless steel) - Type 1 only
M01932 9: Sensor retainer with sinter (stainless steel)† Types 2,3,5,6, IR
M04971 7: Sensor seal (for stainless steel sensor retainer)† Types 1,2,3,5,6, IR
M04828 16: Sensor retainer O-ring† Types 1,2,3,5,6, IR (aluminium and S/S junction box)
M04481 16: Sensor retainer O-ring† Type 1 Nylon Junction Box
M04829 5: Junction box lid O-ring† Types 1,2,3,5,6, IR
S011238/2 10: Amplifier PCB for the following gas types: carbon monoxide, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide. Types 1 & 2 only.
S011896/2 10: Amplifier PCB for the following gas types: ammonia, arsine, bromine, chlorine (2008 onwards) diborane, ETO, fluorine, germane, hydrogen cyanide, HCL, hydrogen fluoride, nitric oxide, ozone, phosgene, phosphine, silane. Type 1 only.
S011240/2 10: Amplifier PCB (oxygen) - Types 1 & 2
S011469/2 10: Amplifier PCB (flammable, bridge) - Type 3 & Xsafe mV
S011242/2 10: Amplifier PCB (flammable, 4-20mA) - Type 5, IR & Xsafe mA
S011837 10: Amplifier PCB (thermal conductivity, 4-20mA) - Type 6
M04770 4: PCB cover† Types 1,2,3,5,6, IR
M04972 12: I.S. PCB cover† Type 1 only, required in addition to M04770 PCB cover.
C011211 : Pellistor module balancing lead
S011819/2 11: Sensor module PCB with no gain resistors. Resistors must be fitted to suit the gas sensor and range.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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