Electrothermal EMA Heating and Stirring Mantles

Electrothermal EMA Heating and Stirring Mantles

Electrothermal EMA Heating and Stirring Mantles

The Electrothermal EMA Heating and Stirring Mantles with built-in controllers have a resilient, chemical-resistant polypropylene outer housing that minimizes damage from spills, making it ideal for a broad range of applications. These models are designed to stir and heat liquid. Stirring can be single or bi-directional.

Key Features

  • Vented case created a unique air flow that allows housing to be safe to the touch when in use
  • Grounded screen provides additional safety should liquids spill or flasks break
  • Heating cartridge can be quickly and easily replaced
  • Mantles are double fused for added safety
  • Automatic capture catches the stir-bar to start stirring if stirring is disrupted
  • Two indicator lights signal power on and heater on
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More Features:

  • Warranty: One year parts and labour.

    Certifications: CE.


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Cat. No. Capacity Electrical Requirements
EMA0050/CEB 50ml (0.01gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 80w
EMA0050/CEBX1 50ml (0.01gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 96w
EMA0050/CEBX6 50ml (0.01gal) 230v 50/60hz, 80W EU Plug
EMA0100/CEB 100ml (0.02gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 80w
EMA0100/CEBX1 100ml (0.02gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 96w
EMA0100/CEBX6 100ml (0.02gal) 230v 50/60hz, 80W EU Plug
EMA0250/CEB 250ml (0.06gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 170w
EMA0250/CEBX1 250ml (0.06gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 210w
EMA0250/CEBX6 250ml (0.06gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 170w EU Plug
EMA0500/CEB 500ml (0.13gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 220w
EMA0500/CEBX1 500ml (0.13gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 270w
EMA0500/CEBX6 500ml (0.13gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 220w EU Plug
EMA1000/CEB 1000ml (0.26gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 320w
EMA1000/CEBX1 1000ml (0.26gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 400w
EMA1000/CEBX6 1000ml (0.26gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 320w EU Plug
EMA2000/CEB 2000ml (0.53gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 520w
EMA2000/CEBX1 2000ml (0.53gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 595w
EMA2000/CEBX6 2000ml (0.53gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 520w, EU Plug