Electrothermal EM Heating Mantles

Electrothermal CMUV Heating Mantles

Electrothermal EM Heating Mantles

The Electrothermal Electromantle features a durable, chemically resistant, polypropylene outer housing that minimizes damage from spills. Electrothermal Electromantles feature maximum heat transfer with minimum risk for flask breakage.

Key Features

  • Element temperature 450C (842F)
  • Use with round-bottom flasks from 50ml to 5L
  • Built-in energy regulator
  • Insulated material in removable heater cartridge
  • Pilot lamps for power and heater operation
  • Model EM5000/CE has two circuits
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More Features:

  • Includes: Clamps for 0.5in.diameter (1.3cm) support rods, grounded line cord.

    Warranty: Once year parts and labour.

    Certifications: CE.

Cat. No. Capacity Electrical Requirement
EM0050/CE 50ml (0.01gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 60w
EM0050/CEX1 50ml (0.01gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 70w
EM0050/CEX6 50ml (0.01gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 60w, EU Plug
EM0100/CE 100ml (0.02gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 60w
EM0100/CEX1 100ml (0.02gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 70w
EM0100/CEX6 100ml (0.02gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 60w, EU Plug
EM0250/CE 250ml (0.06gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 150w
EM0250/CEX1 250ml (0.06gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 150w
EM0250/CEX6 250ml (0.06gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 150w, EU Plug
EM0500/CE 500ml (0.13gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 200w
EM0500/CEX1 500ml (0.13gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 200w
EM0500/CEX6 500ml (0.13gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 200w EU Plug
EM1000/CE 1000ml (0.26 gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 300w
EM1000/CEX1 1000ml (0.26 gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 300w
EM1000/CEX6 1000ml (0.26 gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 300w, EU Plug
EM2000/CE 2000ml (0.53gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 500w
EM2000/CEX1 2000ml (0.53gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 500w
EM2000/CEX6 2000ml (0.53gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 500w, EU Plug
EM3000/CE 3000ml (0.79gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 500w
EM3000/CEX1 3000ml (0.79gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 500w
EM3000/CEX6 3000ml (0.79gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 500w, EU Plug
EM5000/CE 5000ml (1.32 gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 800w
EM5000/CEX1 5000ml (1.32 gal) 115v 50/60Hz, 800w
EM5000/CEX6 5000ml (1.32 gal) 230v 50/60Hz, 800w, EU Plug