Electrothermal HC1 Heating Cords

Electrothermal HC1 Heating Cords

Electrothermal HC1 Heating Cords

Electrothermal HC1 Glass Fibre Cords are ideal for indoor use for dry metal and glassware applications which require observation; they are especially suited to high temperature, high wattage applications. HC1 Glass Fibre Cords have an element wound on a glass fibre core and covered in braided glass fibre outer sheath. They are available in different lengths to accommodate a broad range of temperatures up to 450°C. As with all the tapes and cords, the use of an energy or temperature controller is recommended.

Key Features

  • For high wattage applications
  • Operational temperature range up to 450ºC
  • Cord is spiralled around the tube being heated to give a surface loading power concentration up to 4W/cm²
  • Linear loading: 195W/m (60W/ft)


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The HT and HC series of Heating Tapes and Cords are a range of flexible resistance heater elements for use in a wide range of commercial/industrial surface heating applications. Once the Heating Tape /Cord has been installed around the item to be kept at an elevated temperature, it is recommended that it is connected to one of Electrothermal’s MC controllers.

More Info:

  • Available in different lengths from 1 foot (30.5cm) to 32 feet (976cm)
  • Insulated unheated flexible lead at each end (122cm)
  • Approximate outside diameter of 5mm
  • All models have dual voltage choice of 115V and 230V (except for the HC106 model which is available as 230V only)
  • For use in dry conditions only
  • Use of MC227 Single output controller, MC228 2-Way output controller or MC810B Digital controller is recommended

Model Length, mm Electrical Requirements
HC101 305 230V, 60W
HC101X1 305 115V, 60W
HC102 610 230V, 120W
HC102X1 610 115V, 120W
HC103 1220 230V, 240W
HC103X1 1220 115V,240W
HC104 2440 230V, 480W
HC104X1 2440 115V, 480W
HC105 4880 230V, 960W
HC105X1 4880 115V, 960W
HC106 9760 230V, 1920W