Electrothermal MH6616 Slide Dry Bench

Electrothermal MH6616 Slide Dry Bench

This Electrothermal MH6616 Slide Drying Bench aids the preparation of microscope slides at the specimen mounting stage. Accepting up to 50 slides, it has the facility for drying slides in different orientations.


  • Up to 50 slides
  • The slides can be arranged on the bench in a number of ways: a) Across drying bars, b) Angled from bars and c) Flat without bars
  • Up to 100°C
  • Clear to indicate "Power On" and Amber to indicate "Heater On"
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Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

Built-in energy regulator controlling temperature up to 100C.

Replacement elements easy fitted by user

Warranty: One year, parts and labour

Certifications: CE

Cat. No. Capacity Electrical Requirement
MH6616 50 slides 230V 50/60Hz
MH6616X1 50 slides 115v 50/60Hz
MH6616X6 50 slides 230v 50/60Hz, EU Plug