Electrothermal STEM RS9000

Electrothermal STEM RS9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Station

The Electrothermal RS9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Station can be used within a robotic workstation or as a stand-alone apparatus in the lab. On a robotic platform, heating and shaking cycles can be controlled by external software or as part of a fully automated system through the RS232/ RS485/ GSIOC ports; for standalone use, there is the additional option of controlling heating and shaking cycles via the user friendly touchscreen.

  • Very versatile as reaction blocks can be inter- changed to accommodate different vessels and tray formats
  • Can be used on a robotic platform or within a laboratory
  • Choice of touchscreen control or external control via RS232/ RS485/ GSIOC ports
  • Operates over a temperature range of ambient to 150°C
  • Agitation speed of 100-600 rpm
  • Optional temperature probe
  • 2-axis X-Y gyration system on solid bronze chassis that is both reliable and stable
  • Auto-park feature enables use on robotic platforms
  • Soft start ramping to minimise splashing
  • Very safe to operate
  • Provides many years of reliable use with continuous 24 hours heating and agitation
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The CTC panel (Capacitance Touch Control) of the touchscreen enables the temperature and shaking speeds to be changed using up/down arrows and the actual values are clearly displayed on a high definition LCD display which has an anti-glare coating. The LCD display is cool blue to be visible in both bright and dim lighting conditions, without deleteriously affecting lightsensitive chemicals. The touchscreen has a laminated toughened glass panel that is chemically resistant to most acids and solvents.

Temperature probe

The RS9000 operates over a temperature range of ambient 5°C to 150°C. An optional temperature probe can be purchased and plugged into the din socket on the front panel.

X-Y Gyration system

The RS9000 can handle heavy workloads and give 24 hour continuous operation with uniform agitation of between 100- 600rpm. For stability, the RS9000 has a solid bronze chassis on which the X-Y gyration system is mounted, which is a robust two axis slide plate mechanism. Tapered roller bearings ensure smooth agitation cycles and give accurate control of agitation speed even at low revolutions. Advanced micro-controllers monitor temperature and agitation speed constantly and make the required adjustments as necessary which has been proven to provide many years of reliable service.


The RS9000 has a unique "auto-park" feature which ensures the platform always stops in the same X-Y co-ordinate This allows for automated sampling and additions.

Safety Features

The RS9000 has a thermal cut-off that eliminates runaway conditions. The 'Hot block' warning via a highly visible warning display icon alerts you to when the block temperature is above 50°C, even when the apparatus is unplugged from the power supply. The RS9000 can be stopped rapidly in case of emergency by pressing down on the front sliding door; the front display will indicate "Door Open" and immediately stop. Heating and stirring can be reset after stopping by closing the door and pressing the function key zones on the front panel to reactivate.

Soft Start Ramping

Soft Start Ramping allows controlled build-up to the set speed (from 0 to 10 mins). This feature minimises splashing of vessel contents, wetting of flask closures and fragmentation of specimens.

PS83000* - RS9000 Agitator Reaction Station
AZS4141 - Heater Cartridge (110V)
AZS4142 - Heater Cartridge (230V)
M7876 - Motor Brushes. (2 per)
PS80052 - Reaction Block for test tubes, 96 x 16mm OD
PS80064 - Reaction Block for test tubes, 40 x 24mm OD
PS80074 - Reaction Block for 4 x standard Micro-titre plates
PS80047 - Reaction Block for 4 x 96 well PTFE Micro-titre plates
PS80065 - Reactor for Charybdis (holds two blocks) Calypso System
PS80048 - 96 well PTFE Micro-titre plate, 9 x 8mm ID
PS80114 - Reaction Block for 96 x 1.5ml Micro-titre tubes
PS80049 - 96 well PTFE Micro-titre plate lid
PS80051 - 96 well PTFE Micro-titre complete with lid
AZ140940 - Temperature probe (external)

*Add x1 suffix for 115V model

Note: Customised reactor blocks also available