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Jenway 6280 Fluorimeter

  Total Energy Transfer (TET) system for maximum sensitivity

  Create and Save secure methods

  Intelligent Filter Modules (IFM) ensure correct filters are fitted

  Raw fluorescence and Concentration values displayed

  Calibration against up to 6 standards possible

  Kinetic (timed reading) functions

  Electrically heated sample holder and sipper pump options

  Compatible with DataWay PC software

Choose the Model 6280 for the most sensitive determinations with emission wavelengths up to 650nm.

This model offers intuitive operation with a user interface based on logical menus that can be navigated from the simple keypad. Up to 20 methods can be created without restriction and be saved for future use. They can also be locked against accidental change by password entry, ensuring data integrity.

The permanent time and date tag on every stored reading further enhances Good Laboratory Practice, while calibration reminders and operator identity can also be entered to support conformance and traceability of operation.

With press-to-read operation and Total Energy Transfer (TET) technology the output of the high-energy xenon lamp is maximised and its expected life extended, so that it should never need replacing in normal use.

The high quality optics is complemented by the Intelligent Filter Modules (IFM) that can be identified by the system. This enables error messages to be generated and displayed should the wrong filters be fitted or their positions be incorrect.

This model is powered from an external, universal mains adapter suitable for use from 90 to 230Vac, while the 12Vdc input enables use in vehicles or from suitable battery packs.

Where temperature controlled fluorescence studies are necessary an optional electrically heated sample holder is easily fitted. For continuous flow analysis an external sipper pump and a wide range of flow-through cuvettes are also available.

Ordering Information

628 001 - Model 6280 Fluorimeter (190-650nm) supplied with universal 12V power supply with UK, EU and US mains leads, pack 100 disposable cuvettes and operating instructions.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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