Kane 251 Combustion Analyser

Kane 251 Combustion Analyser

With direct CO2 and high range CO, the Kane 251 Combustion Analyser is the perfect solutions for heating engineers who install and service oil or gas boilers. The Kane 251 is also suitable for customers working with Biomass applications.

Kane 251 Key Features

  • High range CO sensor (10,000ppm)
  • Multi-fuel option with extra pre-programmed fuels including heavy oil and "user" fuel
  • Data hold
  • Internal memory
  • Long life sensors
  • 6 year warranty if serviced annually
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The Kane 251 measures CO, CO2 and Temperature. There is also an optional factory upgrade available for the Kane 251 in order to measure NO. With these parameters, the Kane 251 is able to calculate O2, CO/CO2 ratio and efficiency. The Kane 251 further benefits from infrared output to an optional printer. A versatile instrument, the Kane 251 is an economical answer for many heating engineers.

Kit Versions Kane 251 Kane 251 Kit
Analyser, flue probe, manual and calibration report
NiMH rechargeable batteries and charger
Infra-red printer (KMIRP-2)
Carry case
KANE MSP Smoke pump
0-300psi pressure gauge and pressure gauge manifold set
Compound gauge (pressure and vacuum)
High pressure hose and 2 x adaptors