Kane 3500

Kane 3500 Series Differential Pressure Meter

Most manometers display to 0.01 mbar / 1 Pa resolution which is adequate for many HVAC applications, however, modern high efficiency boilers have air/gas ratio valves which must be accurately set at very low differential pressures - typically between 0.00 and -0.05 mbar. The pressure also pulsates which makes it impossible to measure with a standard electronic manometer. The Kane 3500 micro-manometer solves these problems. At low pressures it reads to 0.001 mbar, is accurate to +/-0.005 mbar, - significantly better than any standard manometer - and has a smoothing mode to damp out pulsing. These features also make it ideal for flue draught measurement. 

  • 3 versions available KANE3500-1 +/- 1 psi / 80 mbar KANE3500-2 +/- 2 psi / 160 mbar KANE3500-5 +/- 5 psi / 400 mbar
  • Resolution to 0.1 pascal / 0.001 mbar on the KANE3500-1
  • Ideal for HVAC service engineers
  • Switchable between high and low resolution.
  • Switchable between: mbar, Pa, hPa, kPa, mmHg, mmH2O, inH2O and PSI
  • Auto and manual zeroing
  • Data hold and max/min recording
  • Printouts include date/time and user details
  • Supplied with 1m of tubing, protective pouch, battery and instructions
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The KANE3500-1 is temperature compensated to remove "drift" when taken from a cold van into a warm home. This ensures stable readings, particularly important when performing automatic "tightness test" sequences. It can also store up to 250 timed and dated tests in the memory. 

Live or stored tests including the "tightness test" can be printed via an optional infra-red printer. The new KANE3500-1 is the first micro-manometer truly designed for heating engineers.  The KANE3500-2 and 3100-5 have similar features to the KANE3500-1 but with higher measuring ranges.  The KANE3500 has a tough metal case and is supplied with a pouch, 1 metre of tubing, battery and manual.This unit replaces the Kane 3100 Series.


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