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Kane 9206 Quintox Emissions Monitoring Solution

An economical and versatile modular system, the Kane 9206 has been independently tested by TUV SUD to EN50379. The Kane 9206 offers users the platform they need in order to build a custom solution to solve their particular monitoring requirements.

The Kane 9206 uses an electrochemical sensor in order to monitor Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and Oxygen. The user can combine up to five electrochemical sensors with Kane infra-red measurement technology to monitor Carbon Monoxide (up to 10%), Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons.

The Kane Live software can be used to transfer your live analysis readings to the user's PC, laptop or Android Phone.

Comprehensive printed reports can be produced using the integral printer or optional IR printer. Alternatively, the full report can be sent directly to an Android Phone.


  Large Graphical Display - Up to 15 lines of text/data can be displayed
  Wireless link from the handset to the base unit - Offering cable free connection
  GPS Location - Pinpoint exact test location
  Wireless & USB connection to PC - Use the KANE LIVE software to monitor readings in “real time”
  Large Internal memory - Can store up to 64,000 tests
  Main Purge - Allows sensor zeroing without the need to withdraw the probe from the flue
  Refreshes the sensors during long term monitoring - Automatically protects the sensor from being over-ranged
  Active Flow Control - Compensates for sample pressure fluctuation & filter blocking by adjusting the pump speed to maintain a set sample gas flow rate
  Built in Printer with additional output to optional portable IR printer - IR printer ideal when working away from the base unit.
  Differential Pressure measurement with Pitot flow calculation.
  User selectable languages
  User selectable standard fuels by country
  User defined ‘special’ fuels

Kane LIVE Software:

This analyser uses the Kane LIVE software.

This software can be downloaded, by clicking here.

Kane 9206 Quintox Emissions Monitoring Solution

Box Contents

Standard Kit includes:

Handset, Handset Cable, Base Unit fitted with Oxygen and COppm sensors), Battery Charger, Mains Lead and Manual.

Additional options:

Up to four extra Electro-Chemical Sensors: NO (Hi & Lo), NO2, SO2 (Hi & Lo), H2S

One Infra-Red Module: CO%, HC, CO2

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

Probe options:

KMCHLP6 Hi Temp Probe 1 metre removable shaft
KMCHP6 Hi Temp Probe 285mm removable shaft
KMCHSLP6 Hi Temp Smoke Probe 1m removable shaft
KMCHSP6 Hi Temp Smoke Probe 285mm removable shaft
KMCSP6 Smoke Probe 285mm removable shaft
KMCLP6 Professional Probe 1 metre removable shaft
KMCP6 Professional Probe 285mm removable shaft

Optional upgrades:

KMDM110/230 Sample Conditioning Unit
KMHP1200 Heated Probe
KMHL3000 Heated Line
KHSA Heated Toxic Sensors with dedicated battery pack for low temperature operation.
KHPURQ Hi/Lo CO protection Solenoid & Pump
WTS9206P Pumped Water Trap

Kane is now known as Kane International Ltd.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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