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MSA AlphaFP Fall Protection Harness for SCBA

Applications that require both SCBA and fall protection are always challenging for the user. Putting a breathing apparatus on top of a fall protection harness is timeconsum ing when it comes to donning and uncomfortable in use.

To combat this MSA has developed an innovative and unique 2-in-1 solution, the alphaFP SCBA harness. It can be connected easily to any MSA SCBA backplate. With the alphaFP donning is completed in very few and intuitive steps - thanks to its front opening system even within the confines of a vehicle. This saves time for the user - valuable time when it comes to rescue and saving lives.

alphaFP offers the highest safety in exposed situations. Its excellent wearer comfort makes the alphaFP ideal for height and shaft rescues, respiratory protection and tunnel operations.

The two versions alphaFP pro and alphaFP basic are available in standard and large size.

alphaFP pro additionally features hose protection tunnels on the shoulder pads and quick connect buckles between harness and SCBA for ease of mounting or emergency removal during operation.


  Fall arrest - Solid stainless steel rings serve as attachment points for fall arrest lanyards.
  Positioning - D-rings on each side of the hip belt allow for safe positioning on an exposed work site.
  Rappelling - Prolonged operations on a rope can be conducted in comfort, as the hip harness with both leg loops turns into a comfortable seat. By virtue of its slide-through design, normal walking is unobstructed.
  Rescue - The back D-ring can be used for safe rescue from confined space.


  EN 361 (Fall arrest)
  EN 358 (Work Positioning)
  EN 813 (Sit Harness)
  EN 137:2006, type 2 (Fire Service Breathing Apparatus)

MSA is the first to offer fall protection harness for SCBA with combined approval EN 361, EN 358, EN 813 and EN 137. alphaFP can be combined with an emergency back pack. Certified with emergency back pack EUROPE B9000 by Fair Rescue International, Austria.

MSA has been in the business of safety at height since 1930. Today it is at the forefront in both the supply and the range of innovative fall protection products. For further information on our extensive Fall Protection product line, please refer to leaflet 23-100.2.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

alphaFP basic, standard - 10116510
alphaFP basic, large - 10117620
alphaFP pro, standard - 10116541
alphaFP pro, large - 10117573

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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