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MSA Escape Respirators

MSA offers a full range of equipment for escape purposes. The most economical solution is a filtering device. It is perfect as long as you know about the type, the properties and composition of the hazardous agent in the ambient air.

Smoke Hood

The MSA Smoke Hood is an emergency escape respirator designed in particular for the offshore oil industry. The well visible orange hood provides protection against radiant heat, the neck seal protects from smoke penetrating into the hood.

  Self-adjusting head harness
  Elastic neck seal
  Simple and quick donning and use
  Safe protection of breathing, eyes and head
  Large field of vision

B1440005 - MSA Smoke Hood
B1446021 - MSA Training Hood w/o filter
B1446031 - Filter holder
B1446030 - Filter Pads (Box of 100)


The S-CAP provides protection for persons endangered by smoke and gases generated by fires. Investigations confirm again and again that most victims infive do not die from heat or flames but from the smoke and gases. Particularly dangerous is carbon monoxide which is generated by most fires. Very easy to use, the device also provides protection for the eyes and the face.

  Simple and quick handling
  Safe protection of breathing, eyes and head
  Also suitable for persons wearing spectacles
  Large field of vision
  High performance filter
  Low breathing resistance

D6181702 - S-CAP in cardboard box
D6181704 - S-CAP in luminescent wallbox
D6181712 - S-CAP (pc of. 3) in special package for firebrigades


miniSCAPE is a one-time use escape device fitting into the pocket of any work clothing or carried at the belt. In case of emergency it can be donned very quickly and is immediately operational. Using the TabTec filter, it offers an ABEK-5 protection.

  # Filters TabTec Technology
  Small design, high performances
  Quick and easy donning
  Universal fit (mouthpiece)
  Easy carrying in a pocket or at the belt

10038560 - miniSCAPE in plastic housing

MSR 1 + 2

The MSR 1 provides protection against hazardous gases of the types A, B, E and K. The MSR 2 also covers protection against particles (P2). Both devices are packaged in a robust carrying container with a belt clip.

  Tight fitting half mask
  Head harness with quick action roll buckles
  Low breathing resistance
  MSR 2 equipped with particle filter
  Large protection capacity

D2264700 - MSR 1
D2264701 - MSR 2


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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