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RAE Systems DoseRAE

Electronic Personal Dosimeter

DoseRAE is a rugged, lightweight, directreading electronic personal dosimeter that provides superior dose monitoring accuracy.

Accurate Readings - The sensitive and sturdy Geiger-Mueller tube of the DoseRAE provides accurate dose readings with a resolution of less than 0.02 μSv (2 μR).

Loud Alarm - DoseRAE alerts the wearer with a loud 75+dB alarm and big, bright flashing LEDs.

Stay-Time Readings and Alarms - DoseRAE tracks stay-time, the amount of time left until the dose alarm level is reached if the wearer stays in the current radiation field. An absolute stay-time alarm and a stay-time warning alarm give the wearer plenty of advance notice to finish work in a radiation area before reaching the dose alarm threshold.

Programmable Alarms -Two versions of dosimeter are available:

  DoseRAE-P allows alarm settings to be changed "on-the-fly" using the dosimeter's buttons.

  DoseRAE's settings can only be changed using the dosimeter reader, preventing wearers from inadvertently changing alarm setpoints.


Monitor dose to individuals in nuclear power plants and research facilities, hospitals, and industrial locations that manufacture or use radioactive gauges and imaging technology

Data Sheet

Key Features

  Geiger-Mueller tube for superior accuracy and protection from RFI, microphonic and temperature effects
  Prominent visual and audible alarm alerts
  Extended 0 to 999 Sv (0 to 999 R) dose range
  Easy-to-read autoranging LCD provides dose, dose rate and staytime information
  A single AA battery lasts more than 750 hours
  Dose history stores 200 data points
  Dust and shock resistant
  Multiple alarms based on dose, dose rate and stay-time
  Long calibration life
  Built-in self-test continuously monitors the condition of the radiation sensor, and alerts the wearer if the dosimeter is not functioning properly

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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