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RAE Systems NeutronRAE II

Personal Radiation Detector

NeutronRAE II is the first personal radiation detector to provide rapid detection of both gamma and neutron radiation sources even in potentially flammable environments. Certified intrinsically safe and water-immersible for chemical decontamination purposes, the NeutronRAE II can be safely used in more environments than any other personal gamma and neutron radiation detector.

Fast Response - The sensitive Cesium Iodide (CsI) gamma scintillator and Lithium Iodide (LiI) neutron scintillator of the NeutronRAE II provide a fast, two-second response to radiological threats.

Loud Alarm - NeutronRAE II alerts the wearer with a loud audible buzzer, big, bright flashing LEDs, and a built-in vibration alarm. For stealth operations, users can disable each alarm individually.

Water Resistant - Immersible (IP67) design makes for reliable operation in wet environments and easy decontamination.

Dose Accumulation - The NeutronRAE II accumulates approximate total dose from gamma radiation. Stored dose data can be cumulative or cleared and reset for each use period.

Intrinsic Safety (IS) - IS certification permits operation in potentially flammable/explosive environments.


  Alerts first responders to radioactive threats
  Customs & border patrols
  Law enforcement
  Security officers in nuclear power facilities, banks, government laboratories, medical facilities
  Government agencies
  HazMat teams
  Fire Departments

Data Sheet

Key Features

  Detects neutrons from weapons grade Plutonium (239Pu) and gamma rays from potential "dirty bomb" materials
  Sensitive CsI and LiI scintillators for excellent search capability and fast response
  Prominent visible, audible and vibration alarms
  Immersible in water for easy decontamination
  Top-mounted, invertable display
  Continuous digital readout in microRem/hour (μR/h) or microSievert/hour (μSv/h) and counts per second (cps) for gamma radiation, and counts per second for neutron radiation
  Two operation keys and simple, intuitive programming
  Long calibration life
  Two AA alkaline batteries last up to 600 hours
  Large, 30,000-point datalog capacity, downloaded via cablefree Bluetooth connection

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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