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SafeAir Heatstream Flame Free Heating of Dental Wax & Modelling Tools

  Silent, light & portable
  Softening, melting & modelling dental wax
  Softening thermoplastic impression materials used in custom registration trays
  Heating rim formers and wax modelling tools
  For clinical or domiciliary use
  Illuminated hot zone
  Integral drip tray

The SafeAir - Heatstream is a flame free heating source for prosthodontic modelling & fitting work.

Greatly reduces the risks from using naked flame heating source.

The widespread use by dental clinicians of latex, vinyl and neoprene gloves to prevent cross infection of hepatitis B, HIV, CJD, and other blood and body fluid borne pathogens brings with it an additional hazard.

All three of these glove types ignite easily from a source of naked flame such as gas or spirit burners and will adhere firmly to the skin whilst burning.*

Professor Ian M. Brook and his colleagues at Sheffield University School of Clinical Dentistry, were so concerned at the scale of this hazard that they suggested development of a flame free heating device, and so over 30 years ago the first SafeAir was born.

The result is the all new SafeAir - Heatstream which comes complete with a safety interlocked drip tray which provides an easily cleaned and well defined working zone in front of the SafeAir.

A bright red light illuminates the hot zone where modelling tools can be brought to working temperature in 8 to 10 seconds and where wax sheets and forms can be easily and controllably softened to melting point or melted.

The illuminated power switch shows when the Heatstream is on and the red hot zone highlighter indicates the optimum working zone. A safety interlocked drip-tray defines a clear working area in front of the hot air blower and an easily cleaned stainless steel liner minimises mess.

The SafeAir - Heatstream has a very low thermal mass, so heats and cools rapidly and can be easily and safely carried on domiciliary visits in its storage case. Thus avoiding carrying gas canisters in vehicles and use of open flame heat sources in uncontrolled domestic environments.


Please note this product is still available but no longer manufactured by Carbolite. Please contact us for pricing.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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