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Soundear SOUNDEAR 3 (300, 310 and 320)

A brand new range, the SoundEar 3 (300, 310 and 320) has been designed with included software that givers user a comprehensive overview of the noise conditions at work.

The Soundear 3 features a visual alarm, which alerts the user instantly and clearly where and when the preset noise limit has been breached. The Soundear 3 also features a log that saves LAeq measurements for up to 90 days.

SoundEar 3 comes with a USB key that makes it easy to import data into the software. In comparison to point measurements, this far more concise overview of the noise situation will make it easy to see where to take action in order to reduce noise pollution.

All measurements are saved in a CSV format and can be opened in Excel.

300 Data Sheet
310 Data Sheet
320 Data Sheet

Soundear SOUNDEAR 3


  Parameters: Measures 3 measurements simultaneously LAF; LAS; LCpeak; Laeq, 1s, Laeq ¼ h, Laeq 1/2h, Laeq 1 h.

  Resolution: 0,1 dB for all parameters

  Measuring Ranges: RMS: Total 30 - 120 dB

  Deviation: +/- 0,5 dB

  Frequency Range: 20Hz- 20 kHz

  Frequency Weightings: A- weighting ( RMS), C-weighting ( Peak )

  Time Weighting: Slow(1S) & Fast ( 125 ms )

  Dynamic Range: 90 dB and peak detection

  Light setting: full configurability through Soundear software including nightsetting.

  2 x outputs : 0-10 V or 4-20 mA

  2 xUSB outputs: Micro USB ( power & PC) , USB OTG ( Log, configuration)

  Display setting: LAS max, Leq (A)15, Alarm settings, Temperature & Clock

  Power Supply: 5VDC ( Micro USB) / 24VDC ( Screw terminal )

  Current Consumption: max 2,5 W

  Internal memory: 16 MB( 128 Mbit) ( 5-90 days log time, depending on log settings )

  Real Time Clock: Hi-precision type with battery backup ( CR2032 )

  Microphone: 20 Hz- 20 kHz

  Measurement 300 - 310: Length 256 mm, Width: 205 mm, Height: 45 mm, Weight: 1,5 kg

  Measurement 320: Length: 150mm, Width: 120mm, Height: 45mm, Weight: 0.450 kg.

  Standards: IEC61672-2-2002, Type 2, ANSI 51,4 Type 260601-1: Medical electrical equipment- Part 1: general requirements for basic safety and essential performance. 60601-1-2_ Medical equipment - Part 1.2: General requirement - Part 1-2: General requirement for Basic safety and essential performance.

  Connectivity accessories: GSM module, 4 G module for Cloud solution

Ordering Information

SoundEar®3-300 3300

SoundEar®3-310 3310

SoundEar®3-320 3320

GSM/ SMS Modul 3560

Adapter for SE3 + USB cable 1.8 mtr. 3580

Medical Adaptor for SE 3 3582

SE 3 Ext. Mic. Microphone 3511

Extension Cable 4 m. 3512

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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