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Techne RB Refrigerated Baths

These baths are a complete refrigerated circulating system for open or closed applications for temperature ranges from -35C to 100C. Each bath is supplied with a lid and bridging plate.

There are three bath capacities: 7 litre (RB-5A), 12 litre (RB-12A) and 22 litre (RB-22A). Temperature control is via one of the four thermoregulators and together they offer a choice of 12 different bath combinations.

  Circulating bath with built in refrigeration
  Temperature range from -35?degC to 100?degC
  Three different capacities of refrigerated bath; 7, 12 or 22 litre
  The combination of 3 circulating baths and 4 thermoregulators provides 12 options

Ordering Information

FRB5D - RB-5A bath, 7 litre capacity with built in refrigeration unit, -20C to 100C
FRB2D - RB-12A bath, 12 litre capacity with built in refrigeration unit, -35C to 100C
FRB22D - RB-22A bath, 22 litre capacity with built in refrigeration unit, -30C to 100C

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Data Sheet

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