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Testo 320B Flue Gas Analyser

Designed especially for the UK market, the 320B has a colour graphic display providing a unique user interface experience to access measurement menus for:

  Flue gas analysis
  Differential pressure
  Differential temperature
  CO ambient

Independently tested to EN50379. Meets the requirements of BS7967 and Gas Safe Technical Bulletin TB143.

The 320B also has a built-in memory, li-ion rechargeable batteries, printer and supports the full range of fuels including natural gas, butane, propane, light oil, kerosene, heavy oil, wood pellets, coal, anthracite and coke, all within a robust and easy to use housing.

The 320B is a development from the Testo 320 analyser which was delivered with a huge array of features and functions aimed at the discerning engineer. Now Testo has made the same unique user interface and advanced features available to the mass market by launching a significantly lower cost version in the Testo 320B, it's even compatible with all the accessories supplied with Testo 327 analysers. So the 320B Standard Kit, is the perfect choice for existing 327 users thinking of an upgrade.

Testo 320B Advanced Kits are also available, including analyser, hard case, differential temperature kit, pressure kit, printer and spare filters.

And it should be noted the full-function 320-1 and 320-2 are still available.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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