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Monday, January 22, 2018

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DNH Loudspeakers

DNH are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial, commercial and professional loudspeakers.

Formed in 1946, this Norwegian company is globally respected for the design, quality and breadth of its range of loudspeakers for all manner of installation environments. Whether it is an offshore oil platform in the North Sea, a railway station platform, a semi- conductor laboratory or a leisure centre swimming pool, DNH will be able to recommend a loudspeaker that will be suitable for that environment.

DNH manufactures the world’s widest range of hazardous area approved loudspeakers, for both internal and external use, and which are certified to global standards such as ATEX, IECEx, GOST and INMETRO amongst others.

A range of marine loudspeakers is also manufactured, with many being Bureau Veritas approved. Some DNH products also are used by the military and have NATO stock numbers.

In addition to the standard range of public address loudspeakers for ceiling or wall installation, DNH also manufactures a number of speciality products including clean room loudspeakers, voice alarm loudspeakers to EN 54-24 standards and even an underwater loudspeaker.

All DNH loudspeakers are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified environment.

Cabinet Loudspeakers

Ceiling Loudspeakers

Hazardous Area Loudspeakers

Horn Loudspeakers

Projector Loudspeakers

Specialist Loudspeakers

Ecom Instruments Index

Ecom Instruments is a specialist in the area of Intrinsically Safe Equipment, manufacturing numerous devices to be utilised within a multitude of hazardous areas. Such areas include pharmaceutical, mining, chemicals, oil, gas and mining.

The innovative products are designed and built to the highest of standards, whilst maintaining the highest amount of functionality and using the very latest technology for explosive protection.

If your daily operation involves complying with the ATEX and DSEAR directives, Ecom Instruments can provide you with intrinsically safe hazardous area equipment that you or your engineers/operators will find beyond invaluable.

The Ecom Instruments range includes ATEX certified mobile phones, radios, handheld computers, laptops, multimeters, ultrasonic wall thickness gauges, torches and inspection lamps.

One of the biggest product areas of Ecom Instruments are intrinsically safe mobile phones. Communication within hazardous areas is vital for both reasons of safety and efficiency. Ecom's mobile phones provide users with an invaluable tool. Whether you need a mobile phone for dust hazards or Zone 1 applications, there is an instrument suitable for you.

In order to maximise the coverage of our mobile phones within the communication networks, Ecom's mobile phones are supplied SIM-card free and are compatible with every major mobile phone network in the United Kingdom.

Try Ecom's mobile solutions for yourself!


Getac V100-Ex2 Tablet-PC

Pocket PCs

I.roc x20 (-Ex) Range


Tab-Ex Tablet Computer

Mobile Phones

Ex-Handy 09 (Zone 1/21)
Smart-Ex 01 (Zone 1/21)
X.com 21x (Zone 2)
X.com 40x, 5xx & 6xx (Various Zones)

Two-Way Radios

Ex-PMR 1000 Two-Way-Radio
Ex-PMR 2000 Two-Way-Radio
Lite Com Pro Ear Capsule Radio Unit


87V Ex Intrinsically-Safe Multimeter
Ex-Handy 05 (Zone 1/22)
Ex-Handy 06 (Zone 1/21)
Ex-Handy 07 (Zone 1/21)
Ex-Handy 08 (Zone 1/21)
Getac V100-Ex Tablet-PC

TCi (TC Installations)

TCi, also known as TC Installations, are one of the world's leading suppliers of products to the Wireless and Mobility Industry, offering both high quality products and high quality service. TCi are specialists in the provision of wireless infrastructure for mobile solutions.

The company has put together a comprehensive range of Ex e antennae and Ex d enclosures in order to offer a cost effective and simple certified package.

TCi incorporates over 20 years of consultancy, design and manufacture in the wireless industry, which also includes over 12 years of ATEX IECEx production.

Benefits & Features

  Zone 1 / 21 & Zone 2 / 22 solution

  Deploy almost any vendors Access Point

  Certified ATEX IECEx Enclosures and Antennae

  Suitable on Chemical Plants, Oil & Gas Refineries & Flammable Dust environments

  Frequencies available from 421MHz up to 6GHz

  Dual and multi band 2.4 / 5GHz & 1.7GHz to 6GHz

  Options 2x2, 3x3 & 4x4 MIMO

  Cost effective & flexible

Flame Proof Hazardous Area Enclosure (ENC202)

TCENC202 Flame Proof Hazardous Area Enclosure

Complete Solution ATEX IECEx

Directional ATEX / IECEx Solution
Direct Mount ATEX / IECEx Solution
Omni Directional ATEX / IECEx Solution


2.4GHz Directional Antenna 2x2 MIMO
2.4GHz Directional Antenna 3x3 MIMO
2.4GHz ATEX/IECEx Omni Directional Antennae
2.4GHz ATEX/IECEx Omni Directional Antennae LMR400


Multi Band Omni Directional Antenna 2x2 MIMO
2.4/5GHz Directional Antenna 2x2 MIMO
5Hz Directional Antenna 2x2 MIMO

Dual Band ATEX IECEx

2.4/5GHz ATEX/IECEx Omni Directional Antennae
2.4/5GHz Directional Antenna
2.4/5GHz Directional Antenna 2x2 MIMO
Multi Band Omni Directional Antenna 2x2 MIMO
Multi Band Omni Directional Antenna 3x3 MIMO


5Hz Directional Antenna 2x2 MIMO
5Hz Directional Antenna 3x3 MIMO
5GHz ATEX/IECEx Omni Directional Antennae LMR195
5GHz ATEX/IECEx Omni Directional Antennae LMR400


458MHz ATEX/IECEx Omni Directional Antennae
466MHz ATEX/IECEx Omni Directional Antennae


GSM ATEX IECEx Omni Directional Antennae

Bartec Pixavi is a creator of innovative video collaboration products and was established in 1999. They have specialized in video conferencing solutions, smartphones, cameras wearable and Wi-Fi infrastructure and also provide communication solutions for hazardous areas. Bartec have a global presence, but is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway.

Bartec Pixavi is made up of a talented and hardworking team of software engineers, striving to bring you the most up to date technology. They work hard at ensuring their products are both user friendly and of a very high standard.

Further proof of excellence - Bartec Pixavi award-winning solutions come in intrinsically safe, Ex approved and explosion proof versions according to the ATEX and IECEx standards for hazardous area certifications and are used by many leading companies in many different industries.

Gravity X Intrinsically Safe Camera

Impact X Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

Impact X NC (No Cameras) Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

Orbit X Explosion Proof Wi-Fi Camera

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